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the recipe to world peace

i love life. I truly think that life is wonderful. not everyone shares my positive view of life though. i think that alot of wars and diagreement in the world come from how we view life. im not saying that we all have to be the same or think the same or have the same views but we do need to realize that not everyone is the same. we need to accept that and be open to other peoples views. we need to love everyone even if they are different from us. I wish the world could do this because then we would have peace.

Re: the recipe to world peace

Yes,life is wonderful.Probably the most beautiful thing that ever happened.i know that my following words would cause disagreements,but i really want to say this out loud.
if you were stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean with say,7 ppl,what would you rather do?wud u fight amongst yourselves and do nothing about the far more serious matters at hand,or wud u work together to build a raft ,maybe,or something?
right now the same thing is happening.the earth is a teeny piece of rock floating about in the middle of nowhere.and the ppl on it are constantly fighting.so u see what a terrible condition we are in.i wish ppl wud choose love over hatred and peace over war.