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Welcome to the forum of Dreamers
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I only wish the best.

I don't like things that go on in our world. The world 'we' created is materialistic. I wish we could all go to a place where nothing mattered. People say 'some' things are good to have, but I still feel its bull****. Its so hard for me as an american to just jump up and go to a foreign land and live. We are too materialistic. Too many people want to take advantage of my life. Use me for something else than what I am built to do. Saying that I am an american has already put hatred in some peoples mind, and it makes me sad.

Makes me think about what is beyond this life, but the thought of ending my own seems stupid. At least thats what they tell me.

Anyone everyone feel free to email me. I don't expect anyone to but maybe one day someone will. That day will be a great day.

I just want someone to love. Maybe some day you'll join us.

p.s. as incoherent as it may seem seeing words of my own in a form I usually don't do makes me feel good. I apologize if it seems...different. Maybe someone could cheer me up? Restore my faith in man? Maybe im just posting on an internet forum that no on will ever see. Who knows?

Re: I only wish the best.

Hello, we seem to be matching souls. I find myself feeling the same way as you oftenly. Let's talk and learn more about each other and change the world together:)