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Re: Re: The New Culture

Thank you for your comments as well. You bring up some good points, like the physical change of the planet is happening and it will and this isn't about "established religions" vs the "new age movement". Some of your statement were a bit broad so if you could clarify some of them, I would appreciate it. The statements you made “when looking at it from the perspective of what some may see as the tangible "reality" now... a lot of which is based on fear.” Could you elaborate more on this? The other point you made about “inner shifting.” Who are the people, who are experiencing this inner shift and what kind of inner shift are you talking about? I wish it was true that unconditional love for self and others were true but that’s not our true nature. A couple of things come to mind; when raising children, do you have to teach them how to be bad? Of course not, that’s just a reminder to us from God, that we are _______, I’ll let you fill in the blank. Who are all these people you know: “many people are choosing to move beyond that and stepping into unconditional love for themselves and others.” I disagree with the jumping on the bandwagon because as you stated yourself “Seeing non-christians as lost and christians as the true bearers of the truth is like looking at Jesus through the eyes of a pharisee.” This a typical statement to thrown in, when one runs out of things to say. Nowhere does it say that Jesus tells us to love ourselves and then love others. The Bible says to love God first and then we will be able to love others through His love. I challenge you to read Matthew 22:37. Check it out for yourself.

KANE: What is said but not spoken

Hey, DW Diff, I think your post is near the X, so much so that if I ever finish the book I'm writing called, KANE: What is said but not spoken, I would like you to have an look at it.

Yeah, your wording might seem an bit corney for some as mine will seem an bit deep, conspired, and war mungerish, but I'm all for contributing as an mass, in many things among them the sciences.

And true, too many have been lost and too many wars started in the name of religon.

"Those who hurt and kill in the name of a God alone, should be thrown to ravages of hell"