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inspired by and dedicated to john lennon. "the wish" / santaanarobert@yahoo.com

come all you soldiers and come all their daughters,their sons. and lay down your weapons, your rifles,your guns.take the first step forward,and let peace over run, roll all the great nations together to join one. for this is the wish of a youngman of today, who fears for the destruction of tomorrow. the soldiers did not come and their sons and daughters did the same. what's happened to humanity, i swear in GODS name.do we kill for fortune? do we kill for fame? do we kill to be killed? isn't it all the same? these tears that you see are of pain and sorrow, cried from a youngman of today who cares not to bury wars dead tomorrow. well it was bound to happen, destruction day. those few who survived are praying but no ones listening. their minds have been tortured, their bodies have been maimed, how can they rebuild when there's nothing left to claim? it was then when ignorance cried and bowed it's head in sorrow, for the youngman had just died along with his wish for tomorrow. (copyright by robert santa ana sr.)