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Peace is a wonderful thing. Everyone says they want to do something about it, but they don't. You have the power. You have the motovation. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT IF YOU WANT IT DONE! I can't be the only one trying, so do something! I love this world and I don't want to destroy it. Help me carry on John Lennon's dream. Help me carry on my dream. Help!!!!!
Jessica age 11

Re: peace

hello jessica, my name is esther, and I am 19.firstly I want to say you sorry, becouse my english is very poor, but I have read your message and now I need told you what I think about this topic. I think that peace is imposible to found or make, peace is the place where we want to arrive, but we never can do it, so we fight for that.we dream with this place to can be better, but we won´t be perfect ever(I don´t now how I can say that in english). I am sorry again, but I think that peace don´t exist, becouse alwais happend something that broke and destroy the peace. finally I want to say that I think that john lennon knew what I said, and I think that he acted and writed to motivate the people to live being betters, so they -we- never found perfection, we never will found peace.

Re: Re: peace

peace does exist. its a long and slow journey to acheive it, but it can and will be done. look inside yourself to find the peace, and look to the masters. it will happen, we all just have to believe in it.

Re: peace

i have a facebook group called "interdependence of life" :) look for it and join it, i created it and i put all my feelings there :) i think you'll be surprised.