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Every dreamer

Hi everybody¡ You know there are times when I feel very lonely and sometimes I think nobody loves me and I don't know why, because I haven't done nothing to deserve such a fate I'd like to meet people like me to talk about peace and love. I feel as though I were a loser because every little thing I do it looks bad for a lot of people and I think nobody understands me and I think all of you may understand the words I have said today because maybe you have felt like me. Finally I hope you'll understand. If you want to meet me add me to messenger.

I'm from Mexico. I love them

Re: Every dreamer

Hey you are not the only one,I am aslo fealing very lonely sometimes and i would like to speak with such kind of people like you here is my ICQ number 286-379-579

Dan from Moldova

Re: Re: Every dreamer

Hi friends!

You are not alone! John's everywhere! I'm here! I hope you'll get my message soon!

Peace brothers!


Re: Re: Every dreamer

I want to thank everyboby because although I've been alone all my life without someone who loves me like I have loved somebody I know John Lennon and all of you are with me and I know that through the eyes of John Lennon and all of you I can see and there's nothing else than peace and love because they are everlasting. I never thought I would find a lot of people like me. I love them because all of you have been dreamers like me and every little dream you have had I hope that comes true. Let's play the mind guerrilla.