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Re: feellings

Hi Paloma I read your message you sent on john lennons site . And i just wanted to tell you yes there are people put there that feel that way ass well i do sometimes i know that. BUt can i ask you something your only 12 what kind of pain are you in? Yes I Know it doesnt matter how old you are to be hurt but shouldnt you be having fun? You see im 16 years not to much older then you and i feel the same way you do sometimes. I know that its really none of my business what you go through but i really hope everything works out ok. And feel feel to write back!

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sometimes,i when i read about JOHN i feel happy but at the same time,i feel that my heart herts.(i am not traying to be poetic ,it is true).
i just wanted to know if someone feels the same...

P.S:if my english is horrible i am sorry ,i am 12 years old and i am spanish.

Re: Re: feellings

it´s me again,you asked me if i shouldent have fun and i want to say that i have time for everithig, when i have to be sad i´m sad but of course when i have to be happy i´m happy.
other thing,from where are you?

write soon