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Hey Ya'll, and ya'llettes. By Popular demand ( mostly from myself) I'm back!
Busy football world, NFL, College and of course, MFL-IFL playoffs right around the corner and as I slap my hands together and rub as fall approacheth, I know you ballers are starting to break out the underarmor warm gear.
SOOOOOOOOOOOO.lets get started....

Warriors @ Cougars

SAT 5pm Ft Recovery H.S.

This one is going to be a good one. It's now or never for Beefs boys, as they have had 3 mini seasons this year. A bad start, huge middle and a lil slack off now. But from experience...I know that as soon as you think you've got his team on the canvas, they get up and throw a left you arent ready for, and floors you. If you saw his Rage teams of the late 90's - early 2000 era, and Overla and Grote can tell you - you know he is capable of doing it with any group. This one is extremely talented, and as of late, the D is getting better, and in a worse mood all the time.
They head up the street to play the Cougars, the most solid team of all the IFL - and are starting to get together a lil steam heading into the playoffs. They had a strong outing against the Broncos, and had a couple early uncharacteristic turnovers that led to the points given up. (Some of that is cause by opportunistic Bronco D as well though)
It was a razor thin 1 pt Margin last game these two opkayed in week one and I expect that this one wil be good, but I also think that it will not be as close. This time of year, cream rises, and I think the Cougars will also. Look for the Warriors to keep it close to the vest and run, but then open it up in the air, The Cougars will just bring heat on a cool night, and The Cougar D will be the difference.

Cougars 28
Warriors 13

Wranglers @ Mustangs

SAT 7pm Lakeview Middle School
Warsaw, IN

As supa says, all the Kudos go out to the Wranglers, a gritty fight to the end team who almost each week is a play or two away from getting more wins..but they key IS those turnovers. There isnt a team who has played them that doesnt admire thier fire, and this will be a dangerous team once the O line gets some chemistry. But the Now is now, and although you will see some good things in the future, this year may be a bit too late.
Shhh.....The 'Stangs are another team getting up to full throttle, but no one seems to notice. They didnt get a chance to show what they are made of as the game VS the Broncos didnt happen, but they are aware thier time is coming for that. I wish I could report some news that showed an upset, but we have two teams moving in different directions, and the Mustangs are at home. Better days DO lie ahead for Garrison and the Wranglers..but Saturday aint gonnna be one of those days..

Mustangs 40
Wranglers 8

Thunder @ Crush

Sat 6pm (field unknown to Korner staff..)

Another "car going wrong way down one way street" situation here. The Crush are a bit of a mystery, but if you look closely, you can see the talent is still there, but the plays arent. The D is still pretty consistent, the O can be if they stay away from the turnover. The main sissue with them is most of their turnovers occur in the red zone.
When you look at the Thunder, they appear to look like a threat, they have size, speed, but low numbers. And as most squads, sheer numbers can kill you in the long run, and the season is turning into a marathon.
I thought they could do it against the Cougars a couple weeks ago, and made a good showing; but couldnt quite make it. And this week they are on the road again vs. a team needing to head strong into the playoffs. I dont see a blow out, but I dont see the Thunder getting a regular season win this year.

Crush 26
Thunder 9


Broncos @ Generals
SAT (9-22-07) 4pm Ben Davis, Indianapolis, IN

The whole league wil be watching this one, as alot is at stake for both teams. The Generals, who havent lost since August 4th play the Broncos, who havent lost since...sometime in 2005 I think.
The Generals seem to play to their competition, getting scant wins over the lesser opponents and coming up big against the tougher ones. The Broncos have just been pretty solid, although it was interesting last week, but as said earlier, JC's squad came up big early.

Casey Harpold (Generals QB) will have to remain mistake free and be deadly accurate to get the Generals O moving.
Golliday (Broncos QB) will need to remain mobile and keep away from the Generals blitz.
If the Generals can run as they do effectively, they have a great shot, but I dont see the Broncos letting this happen.
The Broncos will mainly need to not give the ball away, and use Shipman as much as possible. But when he is covered, Golliday cannot try to force anything. The Generals run d is usually pretty stingy and will try to force The Broncos into 3rd and long..that's when Gollidays' roll-out ability that he used in the 1st meeting ( a game the Broncos fairly controlled in an 18-8 win ) will give him time.

*Key match ups...

Generals DB Griggs vs Broncos WR Shipman

Theses two are a couple of the best at thier positions in the IFL. Griggs has bit of experience ove Brandon, but Shipman can just a flat out ball. They wil not be one on one all day, but when they are and ball is in the'll esee a show. This will be fun to watch.
Edge - Griggs

Generals D Line vs Broncos QB Golliday

Golliday's movement will create issues for this active front, and if he gets time to throw or room to run, he can destroy anything your trying to do on D.
He gave the D fits last game, I see the same here.
Edge - Golliday

JC/Bronco Linebackers vs Generals RB's Rhodes, Stacker and Parsley.

THIS is the game breaker here. The winner here will be the winner of the game. Again, if the Generals get this stable going will be tough sledding for the Broncos, but if the Bronc's LB's shut it down and force Harpold into must passing, look for alot of pressure to head toward him.

Edge - PUSH

Over all, my prediction is a solid one....I don't see much see saw here - but close none the the end, the Broncos will be too tough..and once they get the lead it will not go back.

Broncos 24
Generals 20


I apoligize, I cant predict much due to I dont have scouting reports on all the MFL teams, so I dont want to report anything I dont know about. I will say that right now, I do have to say that the Dragons are still my pick because they are the defending champs, but the sources I DO have say the Pats are extremely dangerous on D. After this week, I will have some more extensive reports.
I also have heard the Cutters are a Huge pick to take it from the Dragons, and I dont think you can count out the Rock.

There you have it....V's Pix for the week. Let's remember that this was a week of remembrance of those fallen in 9-11, and lets give thanks that a whole football world put prayers to Kevin Everett, and it looks like this young man may walk out of the hospital!
Tackle with your heads up, gentlemen! That way you can live to tackle again. Have a great week..see you Sat!!!



In Supa and Vinces defense and whoever else talks about "JC's Defense". I am on the message board on a regular basis, which is why i would assume they talk about "JC". No other reason!! a game boy....i will hit anyone and tackle anyone that is why i am playing!!! Strap them up and you come out there and let me lay the wood on you and you will see why im playing!!! Haters kill me!!!

Just so you know too!!! This is NOT my defense!! as i said in another post....Kurt, Foga, and the rest of them guys control and make this defense what it just glad to be a part of it!!! i do what i can to help...and you little girls who cant take it .... you know where we play and practice...say something then.




Well since you aren't very up on the MFL let the greek give you a little help. In the North the Blitz have absolutely no chance of knocking off the rock in fact the game won't even be close the rock will take it by a score of 28-10 and secure the number three seed in the playoffs.
In the MFL south the Vikings will put up a fight but will not win the game with the wildcats losing by a count of 31-21.
In the other south match up the cutters will host the chargers and they will take out their frustrations on them winning by a score of 35-6 they are banged up and missing some key players but still should come out on top.
Now to go one step farther here are how I see the seedings will go after all the flipping of coins in the MFL
#1 seed patriots
#2 seed dragons
#3 seed shamrock
#4 seed cutters
#5 seed blitz
#6 seed wildcats
#7 seed vikings
#8 seed sting
#9 seed chargers
#10 seed sting
now this may be hard to swallow but write it down you heard it here first and you can take it to the bank.


So, the North teams don't play the South teams in the regular season, but they are all seeded together for the playoffs? How can the Patriots be seeded in front of the Dragons when neither one has lost?



You are hired, Ida would like you to email him at -asap!

Thanks for the input!



The Crush/Thunder game Is at the Classic City Center In Auburn, IN. It starts at 4 pm. Just some more info...


the answer to the seeding is a coin toss and even though you never know the way a coin will go I will stand by my picks as mentioned above. thanks for the offer I'll email you but do some checking on other boards I'm not wrong on the games to many times but I never try to do the IFL just don't know the teams.


the answer to the seeding is a coin toss and even though you never know the way a coin will go I will stand by my picks as mentioned above. thanks for the offer I'll email you but do some checking on other boards I'm not wrong on the games to many times but I never try to do the IFL just don't know the teams.


all the hating on the dragons will continue and they will make the dragons go north to play the championship due to the results of the (coin toss). yeah right i hope a dragon rep is there so they dont get the shaft.


I actually didnt believe things happen that way until i started this year with the Broncos. It seems that everyone is "hating" on the Broncos and it seems that way with the Dragons too!! As i look back, i can say that it was that way last year to with both teams....but i guess that come with the territory!!



My dad had a saying that someone told him when he got his 1st big profit from the restaraunt he owned..."Welcome to success, and all the pain that comes with it."

Take it as a positive, we went thru the same on the Stampede for a few years..

"ya take the good, ya take the bad, ya take 'em both and then ya have the facts of life..You share alot of life!"




give me a's your arm?


I'll call at 11 and update you.



well the greek hit the nail on the head again but have to admit missed the point spread on the cutters chargers game everything else though was pretty darn close. I never thought the Cutters would put that many points on the board without their number 1 or number 2 quarterback and two other starter s not being able to play the game. I understand that the clock was a running clock for about 3'4ths of the game.


Ok we got it cutters the clock was running and you guys scored so many points please let it go.


CHARGERS FAN..........that person that you responded to is not a Cutters, he is just stating what he thought