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2008- MidStates Football League

MiStates Football League
Seems there are alot of Questions About the MidStates Football League

Here are some answers! MSFL will be around for 2008, looking for competitive, established teams, Quality not Quantity

Mid-States Football League, is looking for competitive and established teams for the 2008 season.

Team Fees - $ 1,300, can be lower depending on number of teams accepted.

Included is
$200 Forfeiture fee
$400 Liability Insurance
$100 AFA Membership
Everything is voted by Team Owners

After the Season is over, last meeting of the yr, All funds in the league acct are returned/ divided among the teams that finished the season in good standing. The league is here for the teams and players not Vise Versa. Any other Questions hopefully if there is a section opened for the MSFL on this board I will answer.
Also every league has problems, but it is up to the owners to make it better.

Any Questions you can ask here or email me at

Thank you