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Just want to say thanx to the wranglers for a great game on saturday. These guys are great sports with a lot of heart. I have enjoyed playing these guys this season. THey are a lot better than their record shows.. but i think a lot of teams could learn a lot from this squad when it comes to sportsmanship, heart, and love for the game. I'd like to see them again in the playoffs .. if not have a great playoffs and we hpe to see ya'll next year!

Re: Wranglers

stang74 and to all the mustangs,

it is always a great time playing you guys and thank you for your comments bout our team..we all def. had a great time saturday and we would love to play you all again in the playoffs...we also appreciate you guys for the way you all play the game, and you all play the game with heart, good sportsmanship, and also for the love of the game...again i am lookin forward to seeing you guys in the playoffs and if that doesnt happen we will try to make it happen..have a good one mustangs