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Generals are a joke

As far as Im concerned, the game next weekend between the Broncos and the Generals is already decided. The Generals' recent "wins" have all been due to luck. Their team is made up of a bunch girly boys. The offensive line is undersized and weak, oh also they have no talent. I won't even talk about their running and passing game bc thats just it, theres nothing worth talking about. Their defense, now thats the real joke. Same story undersized and weak. My prediction is (i'll be generous)
broncos 42
generals 6

Re: Generals are a joke

ONE you are not a part of our team (Broncos).
TWO Stop trying to start sh#&
THREE The game will not be decided on this board. We will have all kinds of peopel trying to start stuff. Bottom line to all Broncos zip the lip. Play on the field.

Re: Generals are a joke

Kudos, Chuck..well typed.
Hopefullly, everyone else (players)will follow the lead..get to practice and play a good clean tough game Sat..


Re: Generals are a joke

Bottom line, this is either a General trying to get a little fire in them, or someone from another team stirring the pot.

Either way, the game this weekend will be a good one as both teams have a few things to play for. I for one will be looking forward to being home (Traveling for work) and look forward to exerting some good old fashioned football energy.... (I scream alot on the sidelines.. We all know kickers expend no energy playing!!)


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Re: Generals are a joke

I think what baller was trying to say is that the Generals got jokes.

This one's for Pat:
A redneck died and left his entire estate in trust for his beloved widow.
However, she can't touch it until she turns 14.

This one's for Troy:
.. A fellow walks into a restaurant, orders a drink, and asks the waiter if he'd like to hear a good Notre Dame joke.

"Listen buddy," he growled. "See those 2 big guys on your left? They were both linemen on the Notre Dame football team. And that huge fellow on your right was a world-class wrestler at Notre Dame. That guy in the corner was Notre Dame's all-time champion weight lifter. And I lettered in 3 sports at Notre Dame. Now, are you absolutely positive you want to go ahead and tell your joke here?"

"Nah, guess not," the man replied. "I wouldn't want to have to explain it 5 times."

Can't wait to see you guys this week Broncos and travel safe. And Foga I heard their is a Star Wars Marathon on TNT this saturday so if you can't make the game it's understandable.