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challenge to Lima warriors

congrats and great season fellas.
I see you have accepted a bid for game in january.
Would you be interested in a game 9/29 in Pittsburgh?
We have a bye the first round of playoffs and would like to have you come up and play us.
We are 11-0 and playing in the nafl playoffs.
We play at cupples stadium right in the heart of pittsburgh.
It is a turf field(rug) would love to bang heads with such a great team as yours.
Please respond either way thanks
steve Riddle asst. coach Pittsburgh colts football team.
or 412-377-6562

Re: challenge to Lima warriors

We will have to decline. We are not allowed to play until the National Championship game. Good luck in your playoffs.

Coach Parkins,
Lima Warriors

Re: challenge to Lima warriors

Thats ok coach maybe we can get something together next season good luck in chip game