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Explanation of the Sting/Scorpions merger

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the merging of the Wabash County Sting and Grant County Scorpions in the MFL so I'm going to try and clear that up. I am not in ownership of either team nor am I aware of all the information regarding the merger as it stands now, but I am one of the few players on the team that is vocal on this and the MFL message board and I have been with the Sting since the second game of last season so I do feel the need to explain.

Believe it or not, the Sting started out strong this year with a pretty decent number of players. And we had talented players. But when we lost, we started losing people. The Sting have been the whipping boys in the leage for two years now because we have not gotten players with us who are willing to stick it out and build something. Everyone wants to win right off the bat, but I do believe in my heart that we would have been a good team eventually if guys would have just stuck out the bad times. It boiled down to having very few players left by the 5th game or so. I cannot speak for the Scorpions woes and all the reasons behind what happened there, but I know they suffered from low numbers too.

This merger was in the works by our second Blitz game. Three Scorpion players traveled with us to play the Blitz and we still only had 12 players by the end of the game. Our next week was a bye and 7 of us went to help the Scorps play the Shamrocks. They had enough to field a team but our numbers helped. Incidentally, we held the Shamrock to only 1 touchdown in the first half of that game and I believe the final score was 28 to 6 so it wasn't a bad game considering. Anyway after that game, Matt and Roger announced to us that it was a definite and that we were going to use the Sting schedule.

For all intents and purposes, we are the Sting. The name is probably going to change next year but I'm not sure the details on that either. I hope that clears things up.

Re: Explanation of the Sting/Scorpions merger

good luck with that