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saber players

This is for sabers players. I know alot of you read this board. so this is the only way i know how to reach the team in mass.

Ok....So I drive all the up to Chicago for our game against the cowboys. my wife and kids come along. I get there only to be told that i drove that far for nothing. The game was canelled and forfeited to the cowboys because we could not field a team. Nice.....

There are a lot and by a lot i mean about 90% of this damn team with no respect for anyone including them selves. they have no heart and have no clue what it takes to win. its all about them. yeah well if your that good why are you playing at this level? cant figure the answer out!! its you are not that damn good!!!!!!! you need to get some heart and stop thinking you are God. some I hear have quit after the brawl that broke out at last weeks game against the Thunder. This is funny because these people claiming this are the same people starting it and the first jumping in. what a bunch of bitches. You cant even be a real man and tell anyone. just hide at home and not show up...yeah show how bad you are. you are a joke.

I blow my knee out have surgery miss three and a half months of work, my career is going down the toilet because of it, and for what or who????? a bunch of whining girls who think they should be inducted in the NFL hall of fame.

I wanted to help coach next year because i cannot play anymore. well after a long and thought filled drive home i cannot be around this team or its players rather any longer. I cant be around people that dont want to work hard to win and dont come off and say you work hard....please with the exception of the 10 or so that show up to practice the rest of you dont know what work is, which probably explains why you have never and will never win anything with any team.

to that 10% percent that do work hard (you know who you are) Sorry bout this year and keep playing because you guys know what it takes to win. to the rest of you if i pist you off i really dont care. I hope i did. I have held this in for to long and tonight cannot hold it in anymore. and i hope it make you think about who you really are as a player and man. I am guessing it will not though.

By the way Randy and K.C. you guys did great this year and i wish you both best of luck in your future endeavors. neither of you are the cause of this just to be clear. dont let these "Men" (and i use that term loosely) get you down!!!!!

thank you for your time,

Re: saber players

well jeff feels good dont it.I gave 200% to this team every game every year. AND ITS THA SAME RESULT so to tha ones that make it do what it do keep on but im gone so anyone looking 4 a running back in 08 give me a holla sabers know how 2 get a hold of me.#22 not 1500 this year just a 2-5 record. I tried thought and really never got stop. by tha other team that is. not here to bash just tha truth.

Re: saber players

Frazier....holla at

Re: saber players

so have the sabers folded or what??????? if so will they be back for next year

Re: saber players

After talking to the owner, he is planning on the team returning next season.