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BRONCOS @ GENERALS???????????????


Re: BRONCOS @ GENERALS???????????????

What do you want to know....
The Generals were down 13-0 at half...
Broncos thought they had this game in the bank.
The Generals using a trick play (fake punt) got the mojo moving in there direction...and their OB started picking about the secondary of the Broncos.

They went back and forth and the Broncos made the most of it and kicked a field goal to win.

On the flip seemed at times that the Broncos defense was playing against 14-15 players out there..(players + refs) the refs allowed a classless #5 to taunt our sidelines but didn't allow one of backers to make a gesture to their sideline...

from a fans perspective...the broncos d had a rough time they usually play better...the generals looked like they got alot tougher...I told my son (one of the players) that d-fense looked like they needed some help.

I hope they learn from this and show out in the was a good football game.

Re: BRONCOS @ GENERALS???????????????

Broncos Fan, first of all, congratulations. Your team came to our house and got a hard fought victory yesterday. You should be proud. That is the first time we have lost at home all year. I thought both teams played hard and the game was called fairly. Remember 3rd down and 10 with a minute to go, one of the refs thinks one of our players says something to your team when he was really talking to one of his own teammates, and you guys benefit with a 15 yard penalty and a first down. We also had a touchdown called back on an offensive interference call. So please don't disrespect us by implying that the calls were one-sided. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't call my teammates classless, also. #5 for the Generals gets a little overexcited every once in a while, but that is because he loves to plays the game. The kid got face-masked so bad in the second half that one of your players cut his face, yet he got up put his helmet on and ran back to the huddle.(no flag was thrown for face-masking) a lesser man would have gotten up swinging. I respect the hell out of him. He plays his ass off every week and leaves it all on the field. A lot of guys can't say that. If you want to talk about a lack of class how about this. Your team plays a hard fought game that they win in the last seconds, and all you can do is criticize the refs, and call our players names. I think it's time you take a look in the mirror and start looking at the positive things in your life. Anyways, congrats Broncos. You gave us one hell of a game, and it was exciting until the last second. You guys always play fair and hard when we play you, and I can't wait to play you guys again in the playoffs.

Re: BRONCOS @ GENERALS???????????????

I will give a description of what happened, since it was such an exciting game. Too bad this game wasn't on NBC Saturday, instead of my Irish stinking up the airwaves.

Broncos were up 13-0 at halftime. Bobby Burton broke off some good runs, and I believe there was a long pass to Shipman. The Broncos QB has an ARM!!!

Second half the Generals' offense stepped up. We ran a fake punt for a TD, and followed it up with a 2 pt conversion on a botched PAT. After a Broncos' punt, the Generals scored again to take the lead 16-13. Then the boxing match was on! The Broncos came back to take the lead 20-16. Then the Generals took the lead 22-20. Then the Broncos came back to take the lead back 27-22. Then the Generals took the lead back with under 2 minutes remaining 28-27. With one time out, the Broncos drove down to the 20 and Little Guru made the play.

I will give props to my players though...we could have folded in the second half, but we came back to fight!! Generals never quit! With all the confusion, and chaos that has seemed to surround the Broncos, when they get between the lines, they are the real deal.

Re: BRONCOS @ GENERALS???????????????

First off, thanks Phil. Second, thanks to the fan who called me "classless." It's kinda cool to know you expended a decent amount of time thinking about me. I feel like a Anyways, Generals I am VERY proud of everyone on our team and think we have a possibility to bring home a championship this year. Sure, the Broncos game was a great game but it's over and we have to move on now to the Cougars. Please start setting you mind towards that game and the next time we play the Broncos, we can talk about the Broncos again. Be safe, take care of your bumps and bruises and let's get ready to win a championship!!!!!!

Re: BRONCOS @ GENERALS???????????????

I have to step up and give props to my bro....

He had a tough College career at Georgetown College in KY and has had a bad taste of football in his mouth. I got slightly injured in the first game against the Generals this year and needed a replacement for the next few games. I got better, but I enjoyed him having success so much that I kept letting him kick.

He worked hard this week but his work outs during the week prior to the General game made him sore for the game. I stepped back in a missed a extra point!!! Next punt, I bobble the snap and get hit throwing the ball away. My ankle rolls up and Micah is back in the saddle. He had to overcome a miss on our first drive and nailed the game winning 37 yd field goal with no time left!!! It felt better than if I made the kick.

The Little Guru came through big time and Big Bro is extremely proud. He got a chance to have fun again at football. Thanks to this league, the Generals, and the Broncos for giving him the opportunity to play again. I love this league and the competitive games week in and week out. The Generals pulled no punches and had a great game plan to win. The playoffs should be just as entertaining...


The Guru aka KickingGuru #17 Broncos

Re: BRONCOS @ GENERALS???????????????

Great game... my personal shot outs---

One of the highest pressure kicks Ive ever seen made, with crowd noise and the game, and playoff seeding on the line, the little Guru showed the ice water in his veins. Great kick (where the 30 mph wind when you need it?)

#5 Jesse Parlsey..the greatest output Ive ever seen by one player in a game. Played hurt and bleeding. Never have I seen so much heart in one uniform. But ALL the Generals showed it that day. You backed up every single word you said, and I am proud to be a teammate of yours.

Coach Troy - great call on 2 fake punts that both worked! They got us back in the game, and started momentum that never stopped.

#3 John/Joe/Jim/Jack/Jorge/Jake/Jose Zeunik...Hell of a game, hell of a game.

Generals fans... Thanks for the noise, we love that. We will get a W for you next time.

To Broncos, especially Bobby B, Your QB, Ship, and #3. If I'm gonna be beat, at least it's by real soldiers! All the props to your squad. Now don't do it again! ( jk )

If you missed this game, you missed one of the best. Both sides really played to thier highest level. Oh, JC...I think it took guts to come and and post what you did earlier. you are alright ALWAYS w/me.

Also, both O lines did a good job too. I dont think either one gave up a sack. Again, best game EVER!


Re: BRONCOS @ GENERALS???????????????

I will have to agree with the crowd. It was pretty noisy at the end and I could not hear the quarterback from the backfield. It was a great game. Would love to do it again!!!