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Having been a member of the 1997 State Champion Jimtown Jimmies (63-0 over Clarksville, which is still a state record), it's safe to say that I've played in some pretty big games. Unfortunately I didn't play in college, but I've been in some big games nonetheless. However, our game against the Broncos this weekend was one of the most memorable two or three games I've ever been a part of. After all the smack talking leading up to the game, it became obvious once the smoke cleared that our two teams had just beat the hell out of each other and had a blast doing it. I was grinding my teeth as I was getting ready for work this morning just thinking about that game. I think I speak for all Generals when I say that I can't wait for the opportunity to get one more crack at the Broncos. I just hope my knee is healthy enough to play a little more. Congratulations to both teams and good luck in the playoffs!

Whittaker #80

Re: Generals-Broncos

You better be healthy for the playoffs #80! I don't want to have to come in and play TE. haha I'll be there if you need me pal.

I've never been in a big game like #80 has until this past Saturday! It was a game I'll not soon forget, if ever. Too bad the rest of the league couldn't see two teams laying it all on the line to make it an intense game until the very very end, like the fans and the players saw. Even the refs told me it was a very good game!

Great game between the Generals and the Broncos! I knew tempers would flare and a few flags would be thrown before the game ever started. There was a lot riding on this game for both teams. You could tell it was going to be that way just from looking at the sidelines before the game.

Re: Generals-Broncos

Hands down probally best game of the year in the IFL.It was answer after answer from each team.Back and forth.LIke I said before we ever played each other.These two teams love to hate each other.Every time we play its all out the entire game.

Good luck to the generals in the playoffs.Stay healthy and be safe.