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V's Pix

Well, we had to take off last week due to some off field assignment, but back now to get-give the scoops scoop on the semi Finals.
NFL's starting to get interesting..QB seems to be a dangerous job there recently...What up with da bears? What up with Da Browns ( winning a couple games early) And do you think Michael Vick will ever say "what up dog?" again?

I love fall, man!

Game one

Generals @ Mustangs

Sat 5 pm Warsaw , IN

The rematch. ( of course all playoff games are rematches, but this one is a lil special)

This game pits the same place where a hard fought 19-13 Generals win helped reshape both teams earlier this year. The Generals went on a tear, winning thier next 4 games, while the Mustangs won them all and put a bit of a chip on thier shoulder from the loss.

The Mustangs fairly dominated thier match against a gritty, tough Wranglers team last week, and the Offense was in a high gear - running the ball as well, although the Wranglers did have some success on the ground against them. But its is very clear that this Mustangs' team knows who they are now.

The Generals were impressive defensively in the win vs the Cougars in round one.. however, the Cougars limited them a bit offensively. Yet this team found ways to win this game, and they had to have that 27-0 loss to the same Cougars squad looming in thier heads as they hit the field, just before they hit the Cougars and the hits were big this game.

It's safe to say that this game has two teams that play with chips on thier shoulder, but two very TYPES of chips.

The Mustangs feel they are the true #1 seed, and want to prove it. They have lost but once this season and want to show that the real 'Stangs are here now.

The Generals are out to prove to everyone else what they prove to themselves this regular season..that they are for real.

Look for Whitaker to start gunning and use Chuckie deep, as this is the Mustangs obvious strength. He was not sacked last time these teams met, and although improved, the Generals D will not get to him.

The Generals ran all over Warsaw in the last contest and may switch it up this game, but offensively, Harpold will be the Generals key.

But when the smoke clears, ( and there will be smoke and spark flying here) The Mustangs will get the W, and will be in the final dance.

Mustangs 21
Generals 16

Warriors @ Broncos
Sat 4pm Greenwood,IN.

Another rematch of which in which I was reminded to eat my typing, and always bet on black.

The Broncos blanked the Warriors 13-0 in a greatly played defensive game earlier this season...A game in which the Bronc's D ( JC AND Kurt and the rest..THERE) stopped the Warriors running game, no easy task.

Since then they have played well, and I was very skeptical of thier offensive skills most of this season, But Golliday and Shipman have made me look foolish ( no difficult task, but they took the time to do it anyway.) looking spectacular in the see saw win over the Generals 2 weeks ago to earn the #1 spot for the playoffs. (The running game wasnt too shabby either)

The Warriors have won 5 of thier last seven and have really played well recently, although few will see them as a very serious threat.
No one seems to remember that Beef Maloy has been through many, many of these playoff chases before and truth be told, the man simply knows how to win. All they way back to his days with the Rage, he always brings a good fire to the game, and gets the best from his squad, and few get thier teams ready as he.

Look for the Warriors to jump try to jump start the game with some long ones Passsing..but the Broncos dont let too much get deep on them. My guess is the Bronco D wil again come up big, but so will the Warriors D. I cant bring myself to see a shoot out..and although my heart goes with the mind gives it to the Brincos at home. The road to the IFL Championship goes thru Greenwood my friends, and This will be much closer than many care to realize.

Broncos 17
Warriors 16

Well, that be all kids. 2 more weeks to play, for some it is only one more.

And when I say that I know out there now reading this, there is a player who is thinking about the championship game, making that big play..the tackle or the great block, super catch or outstanding throw in the big final contest. He is already thinking about hoisting up the trophy, kissing it as the fans of his squad cheer and teammates screams in joy, and walking off the field in tears of triumph.
He is envisioning the scene and can taste it.

I pray that player isnt you...for if it have forgotten that you have another game to play BEFORE then. And if you think hard enough about next week, you can forget about this week.

Play hard kids!


Re: V's Pix

The Generals vs Mustangs game is at 7:00.