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can somebody post this score as soon as possible!
maybe some details?

Re: Generals/Mustangs

Mustangs 40 Generals 20

Re: Generals/Mustangs

well oj and al that is too funny but hey al i guess now i m kinda in a brotherhood reamin anoymous it will be are lil secret

Re: Generals/Mustangs

hey fucker watch it....
ill kill ur wife too


this one goes to Chris Grote....
this big man is retiring and hes a fun one to play against... DCW cant find another center to fill the void.... GUARANTEED!

GROTE the beer is on me for the all star game! TIL WE PUKE!!!!


Re: Generals/Mustangs

Want details of the game, not going to go into detail, but I give my props to the Stangs! I could very easily sit here and try make up excuses and blame referees, but honestly, I can not think of anything. We were not missing any "key" players and we seemed like we were "clicking" and moving the ball. The 40 points on the board for the Mustangs were not 2-4 play drives or interception returns for touch downs, they were several play drives down the entire length of the field with an excellent mixture of throwing and running. We had several play drives as well, we would get inside the Mustangs 30 or in thered zone, and just couldn't put it in.

In my opinion, the Mustangs have an outstanding football program with an excellent fan base. I am a firm believer that "you get what you put into something" and the Mustangs are a fine example of that. You can tell by their website and their overall sportsmanship and posture that they take great pride into what they do. I also noticed that the Mustangs came and won as a team or an unit. Their win wasn't because of couple of good atheletes of trick plays.

Broncos, with all due respect, if you guys haven't been worried about the Mustangs, now might be a good time start. I felt like we played them as hard as we did you guys the last game of the season.

I have complete 5 years of semi-pro football and never been in or went to watch the championship game. I must admit, I am very interested how this Mustang/Bronco game is going to pan out and I find myself wanting to go and watch!

I will see you all there!

Good Luck to both teams and congradulations!


Re: Generals/Mustangs

The truth was we were up 20-0 when the Mustangs released bugs that blinded us..when we finally got rid of them, Whitaker had thrown 6 td passes on us.

(Joke) The truth is they plain, flat out shelled us. Both in the air and on the ground. We did play a good game, but they played a great one. This will be a great championship game to see and I know I'll be there.
Congrats to both squads..I had a great season...


Re: Generals/Mustangs

I have to say we played a great game as a team. But I also give HUGE ups to the generals, that was a very clean hard hitting game. I enjoyed every minute. i woke so sore today, thats when you know that you had a good night of football. I want to say thanks for the great game. Generals are a true class act. good luck have a safe off season and cant wait to see you guys next year. to the Mustangs big big game next week keep our focus, team unity and have fun!!!!

Re: Generals/Mustangs

Thanks Cupp, glad to hear that I don't count as a key player being missed. All kidding aside, good luck to both teams in the championship game. I had a blast this season and can't wait to see if I can come out and blow my other shoulder up next year. To the Generals, hit it hard this off season, beause this time next year we'll be getting ready to play for a ring!