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dragoners???chargons????reply to bigchop71

WOW!!! first off it would be nice if the pats/chargers score were true......however that is definatley not the case.....pats 1,000 chargers big goose-egg its kinda hard to stop someone that starts there fisrt 4 possesions in the red zone.....secondly i am one of those (dragoners) you speak of.... the truth of it is the dragons cut some guys due to roster limit and some guys willingly left due to not getting any p/t and furter more into last week only 5 guys from the dragons played with the cargers last week when you guys lost (me 37chargers/40dragons, 76chargers/65dragons, 56chargers/55dragons, 69chargers/35dragons, 13chargers/48dragons) so dont be mad that 5 athletes beat you guys last who to someone that gives a damn....bottom line about that is the roster cut off was the monday b4 the first round of the playoffs and we elected to play for the chargers...and obviously made enough of an impact in the game huh??? oh and fyi there were only 22 players last week......

Re: dragoners???chargons????reply to bigchop71

Hey bigchop71. Why would it have been cool if the chargers would have knocked off the patriots? Couldn't be that you guys don't wnat to face the Patriots, could it???!!!

As a third year Patriot we woulkd like nothing more then to meet the Dragons in the championship again.

The road to the championship runs through Decatur!