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Last Game

I just wanted to take a chance to thank everyone I've played with, and against, along with coached with and against. Saturday was my last game as head coach of the Generals. I feel it is time for me to step away. The time and effort it takes to coach a team to the best of my abilities hasn't afforded me enough time for my son. This was a very difficult decision I had to make at the beginning of this season. I am going to stay on with the Generals, but only as a board member.

I just wanted to say I will really miss being on the field with my guys and competing against everyone else. This has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I'm just glad I could do something this great for 6 years.

To the Generals...thank you guys, and I wouldn't have traded this for anything in the world.

You never know what will happen down the road though. But for now, I need to get my game plans ready for coaching little league in a few years...

THE END....for now

Re: Last Game

hey troy you need some pointers on coaching little league i can help you there...that's what i coach here

Re: Last Game

Thank you, Troy. You are a great friend, and a wonderful coach for the Generals. We will miss you on the sidelines, but as everyone here knows, at times we have to draw the line between family and football and you are making the right choice. And I do speak for everyone that has every worn a Generals uniform, Thank you. I also want to thank you for starting a team that has become a staple of semi-pro football in Indiana.

Re: Last Game

Cheers, Troy. You've done your teams proud and made me proud to call myself a fellow Minuteman. None of these meatheads have known you as long as I, but we all know your fighting spirit and self sacrifice well. Here's to hoping that both of these two old Minutemen have one more season in these old bones- somewhere, sometime.

Be good, brother- and let's hope Tim and our boys win on Friday and get that NLC crown outright.

Re: Last Game

Garrison is there anything you can't do? you're a stud man...

GL Troy, baseball just isn't as exciting as football, but with a son, it'll be more I think you get what I'm saying...

Re: Last Game

good luck to you Troy fun playing against the team you have coached I also think that its time for a break from all of this.

Re: Last Game

Ill say it again....You are with a doubt the best coach Ive ever player for. Ive played for some legends..Coach Jim Nugent, Coach Craig Zent..Coach Tim Craig (OUTSTANDING! F**inG OUTSTANDING!) and Coach Dane Hill who are the top ones I've ever seen, but I never played for one who did as much for me and his team, adn never saw a team want to win so badly for thier coach. I had a ball, even though I was not healthy most of the year, I used all I had for you, the team..and I loved this season more than almost any other (save the Championships' Stampede years..)

I will not retire, as I thought I might..and I hope you will not leave the game yo know..the game neevr leaves you.

Thanks for a great year...and a great stamp on Semi pro football that will be there forever.