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Been fun.........

but i'm done. Thanks to all who stepped on the field to play and to coach.

I called Troy in '01 to get info on playing for the Tornados. I played hockey for close to 12 years and I had no idea what the hell i was getting into. That year semi pro football was an eye opening experience. I had never had so much fun. Went with Troy to the Generals the next year and got to play with my brother Eric. The next year another brother, Aaron and my dad, joined as coaches. That was a pretty cool thing.

I now also will be leaving to watch from the sidelines as my son will play next year.

Hope I dont forget anyone. Thanks first to Troy for the opportunity to be a part of such a great organization. Thanks to Levi Griggs for being the only other guy dumb enough to stick with us ALL 6 years. Joe Coomer, Jared Winn, Brian Allen, the Zeuniks, 741, Dracula, Thomas Abernathy, Brian Hendricks (perfect attitude), Jaysen Knick, HEMI, Keith Malloy (it's Juan by the way), and anyone that played right D end.

It has been a great ride. I wouldnt change a thing about any of it. Not even the broken leg, dislocated ankle, and torn ligaments and tendons, all on the same play, thanks to Ryan "peaches" Rhoades (forgot ya up there). Put alot into perspective and got a pretty cool scar now. Thanks again to everyone who took the field. Good luck to all who continue. There is nothing else like it.

Re: Been fun.........

Man you have been one of the coolest players I have met since I started playing semi-pro with the Bears. May god bless you, your family, and your team in everything that may happen. You will always have this friend in the ER........peace and god bless

Re: Been fun.........

Sad to see you go man... you are so fun to play and I always look forward to playing you guys just because I knew you and I would joke around. I hope life treats ya well and teach your son how to hold without anyone noticing haha jp

Re: Been fun.........


Thanks for the shot out, Ian. I loved playing as your teammate and I hope you reconsider......This team is right on the doorstep of the championship.

Either way, Ill be around Semi pro at least one more you'll see my old azz hobblin around...

See you at the party later!


Re: Been fun.........

Your a helluva player man and even a better dude. Congrats on the season you had, it's well deserved. I'll talk to more about it later, just make sure you bring your self and "My girl" to the game this weekend