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The M.F.L.

The M.F.L. has the worst officials I have ever seen. I have played semi-pro football since 1997 & I must say it is disgraceful to the game what these officials do. They repeatedly show up late to games & perform their job with lack of effort.LAZY!!! The official on our sideline during our game today did not take one step off the line of scrimmage. Look here Mr. Officials, if you are to old to actually run up & down the field, then stop wasting my money & go officiate litte league where it does not matter. People have invested too much money & time away from their families to have football games called the way they are. It IS a disgrace & something needs to be done about it & don't tell there is nothing anyone can do. Simply get rid of these slugs & find REAL officials...


Re: The M.F.L.

There are good and bad that's for sure. I can say this much. This year I have seen the worst officiating I have seen. There are too many non-calls. Late hits, etc. aren't being called. I was being held BIG TIME on a play earlier this year right in front of a ref and he did not call it. In fact, after the play I looked at him and asked what exactly holding was. The kicker for me was at our game against the Shamrock when they traveled more than 40 guys down to play us. Game time came and went and no refs. Roger called head of officials who informed him he had no crew to come to our game. They just weren't going to be there. Luckily, Wayne Wolf from the Patriots and some of his guys had come down to watch the game and they officiated the game for us so we could play. And for the record, we did pay them too. As I said, I've experienced good and bad this year. But the bad has outweighed the good. I know officating a football game is a no win situation. You get yelled at no matter what. But the non calls scare me a lot more than the calls. Letting guys play is one thing. Letting guys kill each other is something entirely different.

Re: The M.F.L.

Guys, we have an officials board and a MFL league rep board for this. AND someone had the nerve to comment on our class. NICE....Feel free to join another league. I havent been the biggest fan of some calls but I aint gonna cry about it....You know who.

Re: The M.F.L.

You are missing the boat here....

Having the "Head of Officials" in the crew does not give that crew instant credibility...

Having himself and basically a collection of the worst crew from the entire regular season call both semi final games speaks volumes about alot...

So not even getting into the bad calls or no calls if you dont see something fundamentally wrong with that then I dont understand what you thought process is

Re: The M.F.L.

I agree the refs are the worst especially when they keep the time left on the clock on their watch and not the scoreboard or allowing time to run off just because a team is down in the fourth and they dont think they will come what happpens when a team dose come back??????

Re: The M.F.L.

I have watched several MFL games this year and there is one thing that is consistant in this league and that is the extremly poor quality of game officials in fact I can not remember one time that a game started on time and that was due to officials arriving late. There are several items that back this up and maybe just maybe some coaches will help out on this
#1 There were games that different kick off spots some games were kicked from the 35 while others were kicked from the 35.
#2 As mentioned above game officials were always late to their assigned games.
#3 Officials would rather talk to a player about a about a penalty rather than call the penalty.
#4 In some games an interference call would be a spot foul and others times it would be marked from the line of scrimmage.
These are just a few things I have witnessed I'm sure there are more and if so maybe we can get them out in the open. These games are games that mean something to everyone involved and I hate to see an official determine the outcome of a game.