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mfl/ifl game day for charity idea

since the season for the ifl is now over and the mfl season is gonna be next week how about in 3 or 4 weeks the team that got beat by the champs from each league in the semi's plays each other(i.e) the team the broncos beat last week and the team that the mfl champs beat this week play to start it off then the teams the runners up beat (i.e) the team the mustangs beat last week and whoever gets second in the mfl the team they beat today then the league runners up play then the league champs play as a night cap.....all the games could be available for a block ticket price or individual games.....all the profits could be donated to some charities.....( i know i am partial to samantha's house b/c that is my bestfriend's little sister) but any good charity will do.... it could be held here in indianapolis at a big 5a school on a saturday like warren centrel or ben davis carmal or a school of that caliber....we could get the news to cover it being that its for charity and all that.... any thoughts??? i got nothing to do for the next month andi would love to try and get this together i will take care of as much of the planning and promoting i can but i will not refuse help any thoughts you can email me at

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p.s. supa can you see how much help you can be by stickying this so people read it i want this to happen bad and it will be for a good cause

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great idea im sure the broncos would love to leave no doubt lets make this happen

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Camel: 1000.00$ a game to rent

Warren Central: Jeff George couldn't get a game on that field for the Broncos 2 years ago. Good luck.

Ben Davis: may be a possibility with Troy Edwards connections.

I am sorry to be the person with the bad news buddy, but your head is in the clouds for a place to play.

You would be better off going to Douglas Park home of the Dragons for a minimal fee.

Then you get to do all the field prep and basically get no help from anyone with it.

It is also not in the greatest part of town.

Trying to get teams to continue on with their seasons beyond seasons end is a tough call too.

In all fairness to these teams, what does the runner up in the MFL and IFL care about playing another game?

I know that the Bronco's are motivated to play another game versus the Dragon's, but what motivation is there for the Dragon's? They have already beaten them once. (to all quick to jump that statement from the Bronco's that is only a statement of fact and not a calling out of your manhood)

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The Wranglers would be interested in playing in a thing like this, sounds like a great way to make some money to help out a charity. Also i know we are always up for a game , dosent matter who we play. We are a bunch of young guys who just wanna play ball.

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why try to survive the injury bug an extra game for absolutely NOTHING.

Canadian Soldier Ants sounds like a minor league soccer team from Quebec


Re: mfl/ifl game day for charity idea

Canadian soldier ants put the NY Yankees out of the playoffs.

Re: mfl/ifl game day for charity idea

An extra Week for the Teams that Lost is like a Breath of new Life! Its simple the chance to strap up one more week after tasting defeat and taking that pent up rage that was left over after drinking yourself stupid after the lost out and redeem any mistakes that were made in the last game. I cost almost place a bet that the top 2 losing teams would be more geared up then the champions...I say $1000.00 between 2 teams with 20-30 plays isnt that much to raise...Some owners or coaches would be willing to pay that with some ease. I say if teams want to try and get something together it should be incouraged for the sake of the Game and The Spirit to Play this great Game.

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i am sure that if we do this for samantha's house then carmal and warren central would do it for the simple fact that samantha's house is an wrtv6 charity event so the exposure alone would not hurt these schools besides if it's for a charity they probably would waive the field fee..... uneless they wanna look like the bad guys.......also this is a neutral site for both champs.... and once again it's for a good cause.....we could make it for the saturday after thanksgiving being a month from now....the dragons should wanna play the broncos to silence the critics that say it was a fluke..i know i want to..

Re: mfl/ifl game day for charity idea

I am happy to go on record and say that I would support such a game/games. Several of these teams will have to do a better job of coordinating than they have in the past- and time grows short. Let's hope something does develop.