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Missing for a good cause

On Thursday, October 18th, a group of severe storms passed through the Kosciusko/Elkhart County area. These storms produced tornado's, and a small, partly Amish town of Nappanee suffered extensive damage, leveling close to 150 homes and businesses. I was selected by the Thunder to represent our team in the All-Star Game this weekend, but instead of traveling down to Indy, I am going to be working on helping the cleanup process. I know the Mustang players are not going to be heading down, and there are a bunch of former Longhorn players in the area, and so if any of you would like to volunteer, meet up at Northwood High School parking lot at 10 am on Sunday. I apologize to my Thunder teammates for not making the game, but sometimes life becomes a little more important than a game. Don't worry through, I still will be wearing my jersey on Sunday .

Re: Missing for a good cause

Hey Moose great post. This is Amos Frye, former Longhorn, and long time resident of Nappanee! I think that is awesome that you are coming to help clean up the "disaster" and I would encourage anyone else who can donate some time to come on out and help! I will be there as well! I know myself and everyone in the town would greatly appreciate it! Nappanee got hit extremely hard and is really going to hurt the economy there as well as all the displaced families. The torndao took out a huge portion of the industrial zone in Nappanee (which is a huge portion of what Nappanee is) as well as the business areas (fast food, gas stations, etc) and numerous homes. It really is a disaster and any help would be great. See you there!
Amos Frye

Re: Missing for a good cause

hey amos, i pray for you and your community. pippen, i think it is a great thing you are doing, i heard about the help cleaning up this weekend tonight on the radio, unfortunately, i already had prior plans with my mom. so i will be praying for you guys to get plenty of help up there, and that god blesses the people and the town of nappannee to bounce back from this tragedy..........

charles gross