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supa question please answer

i see all this talk about the aa national championship supa how does this work im on the three time ifl champ broncos cna u tell me what the difference between the different leagues which is tougher what class and how does it work with this national championship stuff is it like ihsaa 1a2a3a4a5a hows this work

Re: supa question please answer

Good question. The quickest answer is that these big games are invite only- and the invitations are extended on the basis of record, strength of schedule, and other logistical concerns.

One truism, though, is that teams from the Midwest are often over-represented in these games. My guess is that this is a product of several factors- more leagues than any other region- cold winter climate- and teams that are not members of national leagues (NAFL, MLFA).

Most teams who compete in these games are generally AA- the most common "division" within minor league football. Teams that compete in the NAFL are generally considered to be AAA or the highest/most competitive level- though anyone who has played there will tell you that there is A LOT of variation within that league.

All of this adds up for a perfect storm of teams in the midwest having a strong strength of schedule, time and resources to compete in these big games. One last thing- there is a lot of variation even among these teams. As good as the Pats are- and make NO MISTAKE- they are very, very good, they would not match up as well with either the MOJ or the Lima Warriors, who are playing in another such game.

And if we are all lucky- the CCC will host another indoor tourney this winter and we will get a chance to make all of the comparisons we could ever want.

Re: supa question please answer

We were told the 1AA is for teams that are in bigger cities and have bigger rosters.

The AA is for leagues that are in smaller markets. I am not surey why they just don't make "AA" just "A" to avoid the confusion.

Re: supa question please answer

pk supa how strong is ifl compared to mfl i play for the broncos so thats why i asked

Re: supa question please answer

You should know we compare pretty well. we beat you and the pats beat us.