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IFL All Star Game

IFL Blue(Wranglers, Warriors & Generals) - 19
IFL Red(Crush, Broncos & Thunder) -14

Most Valuable Offensive Player
Eric Golliday-QB Broncos

Most Valuable Defensive Player
Kyle Goforth-LB Warriors

Game MVP
Kasey Harpold-QB Generals

Great game everyone, and a GREAT weekend!!! I hope everyone had a good time...I know I did. I also want to thank all the players and coaches who participated this weekend, the families and volunteers who helped make the weekend a success.

Re: IFL All Star Game

Freakin awesome weekend, all I can say whatever team that is going to try and host the All-Star game next year had better start planning real soon. It's gonna be pretty tough to top what Troy and his Generals pulled off. The hotel was very nice, the food at the banquet was quite tasty, and the Doghouse was a fn blast,most fun I've had in a while. I guess the field was ok too. As far as the award I recieved, I appreciate it very much but gotta give alot,if not all the credit to the big boys up front for keepin them hoggs off of us. Hell as far as I'm concerned you could of put all the defensive players names in a hat and drew one out and he would of been just as deserving of it as the next guy. Anyway just want to say thanks again to Troy and his squad for a great weekend. Damn I love playin football!

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At least when I did make it up to the second level...I made it count!!



Re: IFL All Star Game

I would have to say that Troy put one hell of a show together this weekend. Thanks a lot! Hell we even got a show on the way back home. A giant mulch fire at landscaping company on the north side of 465 slowed us down and then a car wreck on 69 slowed us down quite a bit. Great weekend though, in fact I almost took today off to try and recover(not from a hangover, because I didn't drink). Everyone have a nice offseason and hopefully I'll see yall next year!
Brian Clawson
Classic City Crush

Re: IFL All Star Game trying to recover from actually running during the game?!?!? Just because you scored on a 2-point conversion you need recovery time.

I love kickers!!!! Especially ours!

Brian for Mayor!


Re: IFL All Star Game

Yes you did! I think I was airborne for like three seconds or something. Love battling with you big fella, hope to do it some more next season!

Re: IFL All Star Game

Ya know Hoss. From all the posts you put up on here about dear season and all the different hunting seasons I was expecting to see you driving a big pickup truck with a gun rack in the back window and the bed all rusted out. But when we were rolling out of Ben Davis what are you driving?.... a VW Beetle?!? And was that some funky color like fusha? What's up with that?

I am officially revolking your "Dude Card".

No hunter should be driving a VW Beetle.

I'm proposing a new man law...
No man should be in VW Beetle unless they are the passenger and they are too drunk to drive themselves. In which case they should have the seat reclined back trying to sleep and to hide the fact that they are riding in said vehicle.

Man Law? (let me hear ya Mustang#35 and Hemi)

LOL only messing with you man. Have a good offseason.

Dave Clawson
Punter/Kicker #1
Indianapolis Dragons

Re: IFL All Star Game

I would expect nothing less from a kicker...

As for the VW Bug I was was my wife's and my truck gets 1/3 the mileage her car does. So from an economic standpoint it makes "cents".

As for making it a man law...I think it is much like wearing a pink shirt. It takes a real man to do it, and pull it off rather than do it and just try to hide the fact.

Oh and you forgot, there was a Mary Kay sticker on the back and a license plate on the front!! And I rocked that bug this weekend!!

Don't hate, I could be anyone's daddy...


Re: IFL All Star Game


I know! It's been a fun year that's for sure.

Plus, it looked like you were in slow motion as you were passing through the air. I still don't think it was too late of a "toss", but it was fun none the less! I probably should have been awarded some points or something for that, in freestyle I woulda been up 5-0 (i think).

Later on!

Re: IFL All Star Game

I think that you would have been DQ'ed. I think that you have to keep some type of contact to receive any points. But the release might have cost you the match, on the other hand in the squared circle (never really got that one) He would have hit the ropes and came back with a clothesline.

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DCW2 without the helmet:
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Re: IFL All Star Game

Now I ask, what's scarier..the PIC, or the fact you have this pic SAVED??? -jk-


Re: IFL All Star Game

Dang! Not quite that hairy yet,but I'm not shavin or gettin a haircut til spring so I'll get there.

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Re: IFL All Star Game

I just wanted to say that I thought the national anthem thing with the guy on electric guitar was very cool. Awesome facility and weekend for all the players, great league and management of the event!!