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We here at the CSAL (Canadian Soldier Ants League) are very proud to announce our new MidStates League we are rolling out for the 2008 year.

Here are some of our highlights of the new league.

There are no league fees (we actually pay you to put a team together).

All league decisions can be made during game play (let your emotions flow fellas).

League officials work for free and head coaches actually have flags and whistles too. (Head coaches can flag game officials as the game goes along).

Our championship game will be on the Big Ten Network and Suzy Kolber will be selling nacho hats in the stands. (Homer, "Nacho, nacho haaaat!!")

If, and only if you don't like the way your season is going you can just spin off mid season and start your own league. (this way you can over saturate the rest of Ohio and Indiana with another unneeded league).

Anyone named Earl will be immediately removed from the stadium. (Sorry Jason Lee)

Remember, being right is much more important then doing right!

**** Obviously most of this is in jest, but don't miss the message.

Quit trying to start new leagues, it hurts all of football in the Midwest.

You don't like the IFL, MFL, MCFL, NAFL, OVFL or whatever then play independently.

In the year 2054...

Indiana has 47 independent Minor League football leagues.

Let's not get to that point.


LMAO, that's good stuff Army Ant dude! Do you write your own material or do you have a writing staff? That was my thoughts exactly having read the other post.

Maybe we should start a league for guys wanting to start other leagues, I would recruit Mikey Simpson or that Wayne guy to fend off any potential bashers!


Nope, that is all my stuff.

I think the IFL and MFL (two mid major leagues) are actually run as fairly as possible.


I don't know this for a fact due to the fact that I am not in either league. But, I know enough of the people to know that they (the individuals associated with both leagues) do by their actions show they care for minor league football.

At least it is perceived that way by me.

Take for example:

Earl Parsons.

Maybe Earl is a jerk who does try to get over on individual teams. Maybe he isn't? Maybe it is just a single team or some single minded individuals who are trying to undermind the whole group.

Either way, CSA doesn't care (yes that was me speaking in the third imaginary person).

What I do know is that he has kept a league together nearly 10 years and he hasn't played for a single championship in that league. That tells me he is trying to keep ball going, bottom line. (Earl bashers please save your rants, no one truly cares. Come with hard facts or don't come at all).

The IFL tries to do what is right most of the time. It doesn't always work out, but they do the best they can. Beef, Troy, Santa Claus and the rest of the league board really wants a fair and balanced league that works together. (plus when Grote is around what more could you ever ask for in life?)

The same people who want to spin off and start something new are going to find the exact same headaches no matter where they go.

People are people.


canadian soldier

the last part of your message is true in all sports... well said. MH


Thank you sir.