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MOFL Annual League Meeting to bring in New Teams

******************* Meeting Location, Date and Time **************
Date: November 3, 2007
Time: 12:00 noon
Days Inn & Suite
2100 Brice Rd.
Reynoldsburg, OH. 43068
Phone 614-866-2221


Attention Perspective MOFL Teams:

Take advantage of the LOW DISCOUNTED PRICE OF $425, for NEW TEAMS that register with the MOFL on November 3 rd. This offer will not be available after November 3rd.

The Mid Ohio Football League is an Incentive based league. We reward our member teams for their commitment to the league by give discount on various items. MOFL members that took advantage of the 2007 early register will receive a discount on league dues. Any new team after November 3rd will be charged a higher rate.

*No Personal checks excepted.

***************** Meeting Agenda ********************


Welcome – (PowerPoint)
1. League Achievements
a. Champion
b. Runner Ups
c. Division
d. Top Offense
e. Top Defense
f. Team MVP
g. Owner of the Year
2. Team Presentation
a. New Team Presentations
3. Accounting Presentation (PowerPoint) – Sherry White
a. PowerPoint Presentation
4. Session Break and Registration
a. New teams that register at break will be asked to stay for the remainder. (This will conclude the meeting for non – MOFL members non-registered guest will be asked to leave)
5. League Old Business
a. Commissioner Report – JT Thomas
b. Financial Report – Vicky Mckevely
c. Team Report – Individual Teams
6. League New Business
7. League Concerns
a. Officiating
b. Player Ejection
c. Fines
d. Conduct
8. Conclusion of Meeting

***************** END *******************************************