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I did not want to take away from other posts on the subject so I am replying here.

I don’t know how these things get started :-D.

You do pose an intriguing question in the speculative. I will try to be concise but substantive.

1. HBC found himself without a work gig after the former Guide Corporation closed its doors. After a stint on the unemployment roles and many applications and resume submissions, I am FINALLY at work again. However, my job now takes place on second shift making a coaching possibility non-existent.
2. I would not care to repeat my experience with the Pirates. While it can be argued that some of the players were just as unhappy with me as I of them, I was not able to be effective with the organizational environment they gave me. Here I will give several examples. This is by no means a complete listing.

- Average player practice attendance was consistently at or below 50 percent. During the heydays of the Chiefs this number rarely fell below my magic number of 67 percent.
- There were too many practices to count where I did not have a quarterback in attendance. When there were, there were usually critical absences of other skill positions i.e. 1 running back available, 1 or 2 receivers (1 WR/1 TE, 2 WR/No TE etc.).
- There was never a time that I had a complete offensive line in attendance. Even during Chief days this was a difficult objective to achieve. Obviously, this makes it impossible to conduct a practice scrimmage. In 2005, this objective was achieved at the final practice prior to playing the Darke County Warriors on opening Saturday. In 2006, this goal was never obtained.
- Taking just the items mentioned above, it makes it nearly impossible to execute a game plan. IMO, IF... one has superior personnel, it might, let me say again might be possible to walk on a field and be successful. In all other circumstances, it takes practice, preparation, and commitment to develop cohesive offensive, defensive and special teams units to be successful. The situation I was presented made this impossible. It was very difficult to execute the primary game plan when key people out on the field had no clue what was going on. IMO, one coaches at practice. On game day, one manages the game. In 2006, our first scrimmage was Game 1 versus the Darke County Warriors.

In conclusion, I can accept a butt kicking as well as anybody else but I have difficulty going across the field to acknowledge the adversary when I know we did not give our best effort. There were only 2 times in 2006 that I felt good about. The first instance was versus the Classic City Crush. It was a tough, physical game that was won by them. Still, I felt that our team had prepared during the week, we executed pretty well but came up short. The second was a game versus the Noble County Longhorns. We went to the game severely undermanned. In fact, DH80 suited up to help out. I have a disagreement with IFL rules concerning that particular development as to me it did not violate the spirit of the rules but that is another story. At any rate, we got shellacked but the guys that made the trip played with a lot of heart and effort.

So... Big E, that is the skinny. At this point, I have not made any decision what the future might hold. For now, all I know is I have a job on second trick making it impossible to "potentially" coach.