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Hoss take a look

In no way am I trying to step on anyones toes, but I had an idea that might make your tourney a little more enticing for some teams that may be traveling a pretty good distance. Anyway to get to it in a double elim tourney of 16 teams there would be a total of 31 games with the possibility of an extra game if the undefeated team has to be double-dipped. So teams are really only guaranteed two games. But if you took those 16 teams and broke them into 4 pools of 4 and played a round robin style format where each team plays every team in their own pool once.Then you seed all teams based on records,point scored,points allowed. Then go to a single elim tourney, every team is guaranteed no less then 4 games. This type of tourney would total 39 games.Again I'm not trying to tell you how to run your show just thought I would throw that out there, the longer you keep teams around your facility the more $ you make and teams would get more bang for their buck so to speak.

Re: Hoss take a look

This is for Hoss, but I would only be concerned about Playing 4+ games and the higher risk of injuries and Time. Its true, That even 2 games is a big risk for injury but the chances become higher once you add 2 games...Just my opinion. Id love to be guaranteed 4 games though!

Re: Hoss take a look

Whoa! In no way is this MY tourney. I just happen to be the most computer literate one that comes to all of our team functions.

Just to put it into perspective, we had a get together/cook out for the crush players. MOST of the guys contacted said they were coming...6 of us were there. Typical...

Anyway, I like the idea. It's just I'm not the one setting it up, I'm just the monkey spreading around the word! If ANYONE has any suggestions or comments regarding the tourney please contact the team owner (Todd Gibson) at:

Just got to's snowing, and I allready have two deer in the freezer. Good thing I took all of next week off!! Hooorah!

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