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because we play a wide mixture of high school college and nfl rules thats just one of the high school rules


I personally think we should play 15 min quarters and go by NFL rules


I cant wait to play 15 minute quarters; this is whats we train for. I do have a question for the IFL players. What was the most tackles and/or sacks that a defensive player made in a game? Im curious to know since I will have a shot to play in the IFL this year.

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The original question inevatibly leads to the next question, that of playing by NFL Rules.

It is said that those that do not study history invariably duplicate the mistakes of the past.

First and foremost, the IFL has considered 15 minutes quarters in the past. As I recall, the measure was defeated in pre-season deliberations just prior to the 2006 season. It may have been reconsidered again for 2007 play but I am not privy to that information. Once again, interested parties would be better served to become more involved with their team organizations to understand where your representatives stand on this issue before arbitrarily lambasting a league organization (which has yet to occur within this thread but typically follows)without solid facts.

One factor or reason for the non-adoption of the 15 minute quarter has been lack of support from the officiating community. At first glance one might think this to be folly, however, considering the criticisms that I have viewed here on this website concerning officiating, I would say that the opinion of the officials is most definitely important. Again, the fact remains that there are various crews officiating more than one game on a typical Saturday, the extra time will become a factor for scheduling purposes and also the "durability" of the officiating crews themselves.

Another concern comes from various teams. While some players feel they train themselves to handle the additional time, there are still other players that have training regimens that are virtually non-existent. With teams featuring large rosters, this factor can typically be minimized. With teams with smaller rosters, the issue becomes more significant. This "team factor" also then becomes a concern for leagues attempting to maintain a "competitive balance".

From a "historical" perspective. Both the MFL and IFL are ultimately outgrowths from the once GRFL that was led by Ira Johnson. By Mr. Johnson's design the league featured an 80 yard playing field and a running clock. After Ira Johnson retirement, the league was led by his son Kevin Johnson with several modifications including changing of the name from GRFL to the FFL. The FFL also featured 12 minute "regular" quarters which was considered somewhat of a victory for proponents looking toward the ultimate 15 minute quarter.

Finally, it is worth considering that NFL rules virtually REQUIRE having 7 FULL TIME officials to officiate a game. Currently, the rare MFL or IFL game will see 5 officials. Usually, both leagues are mandated to use 4 and from various observations here on this board, sometimes a few less. Additionally, there are not many officials that are certified to officiate NFL games. While the ISHAA football rulebook may fit in an officials hip pocket, that is not the case with the NFL rule book.

Re: IFL UARTERS choose your words very well man. The way the first writer said it, I thought the IFL were already playing 15 minute quarters. Thanks for clearing up a few things. I am a IFL hopefull and reading your article made the basic concepts of the IFL rules. Thanks man!


Thomas AB,

Thanks for the props. I wish you the best in your quest.

On your question, unfortunately, there are probably only a few clubs that maintain or have the capacity to record "official" game stats. I can only speak with opinion about some of the IFL clubs. In that, I suspect that the Broncos with the trusted capabilities of "Stat Girl" are one club. I would also suspect that the K. C. Mustangs have a large staff that probably (NOT PROLLY) has this capacity as well. Next, I would say the Indiana Generals. I would say those teams are your best bets at finding official tackle and sack stats.

On your quest with the Broncos, they are a long standing club. It could be argued as to 'just how long'. Originally, they were eventually the Morgan County Broncos. I believe that this iteration was one of the 4 charter teams of the GRFL which also included the Tornados, Chiefs and Outlaws. I first became acquainted with them in 1997 as HC of the M. C. Chiefs.

The question of longevity comes into play following the 2001 FFL season. At that time Kevin Johnson stepped down as Commish of the FFL. This directly led what could be called the "BIG SPLIT" in several ways.

About 5 teams decided to 'roll with' Earl Parsons in the formation of the MFL. The remaining teams formed the CRFL. In this move the Broncos themselves were represented by 2 seperate factions. One faction was headed up by QB Rick Foxworthy while the other was spearheaded by HC Merco Heitberg. One GRFL and one in the MFL. The same situation occured with the young Cougars team with one headed up by the imfamous Zeb (his last name currently escapes my old a$$ mind) while the other was headed up by Jose (and damn if I can't currently recall his last name either). The MFL survived in this form for I believe 1 year.

The following year saw the MFL split. The newest faction called the IFL. This development sealed the fate of the CRFL which folded in 2004. I believe by this time, only one version of the Broncos made it through all of this period of turmoil and it was the IFL version.

The Merco Heitberg version of the Broncos took on the name of 'South Central' Broncos and I believe the current club would trace its roots to that. Thus why I say it can be argued just how 'long standing' of a club they are. Nevertheless, a team called the Broncos has been a very competitive club for over 20 years.

Once again Good Luck in your endeavors and have a safe, Happy New Year.

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A small correction.

With the probable creation of the GRFL in 1994, a Broncos team would have been in existence for 14 years. Therefore not over 20 years as I mistakenly posted before.

My bad