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8v8 results

I would like to thank all teams and their families for coming to the 8v8 CRUSH open.
With only 4 teams, we decided to change the format to a round robin format.This let everyone get at least 4 games to reach the best record and championship game,we also did a consolation game.
The Lima Warriors(4-0) won the event with a 26-6 win over the CRUSH(4-1),who played 3 games in a row to reach the championship game. The Crush beat the D.C. Warriors(1-3) in the previous game 19-0,during which Thad,Tex and #18 of the Warriors took out my player door,Coach Malloy tried to hold them in to no avail.Hope your leg doesn't hurt to much Keith.An earlier game the Wranglers(0-3)lost a close one to D.C. 7-6. Fun was had by all.

Again thanks to all,
Todd Gibson

Re: 8v8 results

I think the Crush went 3-2 with two losses to the Warriors.