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Cardinal try-outs

The Indiana Cardinals will be holding their first of Two Try-outs Febuary 9 at 7:00pm at the Ash Center also known as The Academy of Sports and Health Center 1701 Freeman Street. Particiapnts will be tested in the following catergories:

40 yard dash
Short shuttle
Long shuttle
Standing long jump
Position skills/drills

Re: Cardinal try-outs

Hey fellas!!

I'm running Speed & Agility sessions for area middle and high school athletes on Mondays & Wednesday.

I called Courtney and mentioned to him I'd be willing to do the same for us on Friday nights. Focus will be on sports conditioning with speed, agility and plyometric training.

Location is:
Extra Innings
5405 Keystone Dr.
(corner of Speedway & Ley)

More info at

Ron Riha

Re: Cardinal try-outs

Is the Ash Center @ 1701 Freeman St in Indianapolis? Any cost involved in trying out and what league are you guys currently in?


Re: Cardinal try-outs

No. The ASH center in Fort Wayne.

Re: Cardinal try-outs

There is a tryout fee of $20. Sorry I didn't mention it in previous post.

Re: Cardinal try-outs

what up tell your bro to call me, good luck Frazier 72