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Shamrock whats up???

Hey guys just wondering whats going on with the team?? I've been checking the team website and message board an haven't heard anything about try outs, what league the shamrock will be in, or if there's even going to be a team next year. Could someone please respond to this and let me and other potential playes know whats going on?

Re: Shamrock whats up???

Hey Billy whats up man???

I know everyone has questions about the team. Yes we are still here & plan to be for sometime. I was about to post some info on here but you beat me to the board Thumper.

To all Shamrock players...
Keep an eye on the team message board as information for the upcoming season will be posted soon. I would like for all Shamrock players to log on & update their contact info so I can call everyone.

Billy give me a call or come by the house...

Re: Shamrock whats up???

Who Rock

Re: Shamrock whats up???

Bout time to get it started rock...frazier bring ya ass back the whole team needs to comeback we got business to take care of this year...aint no fallin one game short of championships this year..WHO ROCK!! Ya we rock