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Just a thought

Can we all let last year and other things in the past go? All I am hearing is Chest thumping and no action. If all teams want to prove their mettle then get together after the season is over and play each other. A team that plays in the preseason is not the same team that plays at the end of the season. I will bet that the Broncos that played the Dragons would have not been better than .500 in league play. That is why all of the stuff being spewed about well you lost to so and so means you are not worthy of playing us.
I happen to have a solution. The best play the best. Have a blind draw with the League champions in the area. Last year we could of had Lima, Mid Ohio, Chicago Thunder, SC Broncos, Hardin Co. and AC Pats all in a tourney. Throw in a couple of other teams and there is an eight team tourney. No questions asked. No we could have beaten them. Prove it on the field.
Just my thoughts. I know it will probably never happen. If it did the Message board would dry up. But a man can dream can't he?

Re: Just a thought

hey foga, i think that is a super idea......but like you said it will probably never happen. that tournament would prove alot about who thinks who is better, and if play a team, win or lose, it was done on the gridiron, not on a message board.

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Re: Just a thought

Then the refs would be paid off by the champ...or the weather wouldn't be fitting for the team who likes to air it out...or one team prayed for all the other teams to lose, and it worked!

there will always be excuses, wherever there is a champion...

personally, i saw the lima team shooting a mixture of gatorade and some mysterious purple liquid into each others hairlines before our indoor championship game!!! don't know what it was, but we lost, so it had to help them...

Time to leave work now...buh bye

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