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Southbend Stampede to Return

In 2008 we are all to old to play, but with all the other teams coming back why not??????

NAAAAAAAA just kidding good luck to all the teams making a come back. I hope I will get a chance to see some of you.

Frazier 72

Re: Southbend Stampede to Return

Haha you had me going their Fraz. I was beginning to think 2008 was going to be the year of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. From what I understand here's the list of teams returning at least that I can recall that I've heard....

Indiana Warriors
Indiana Tornados
Indiana Titans
Noble County Longhorns
Madison County Pirates
Lafayette Lions

Anyone else hear of any others that are coming back?

Re: Southbend Stampede to Return

Anderson Packers the Indiana Patriots hahah thats oldsckoolz for u.

Re: Southbend Stampede to Return

Quit playin Fraz! I was drinking a glass of water, did spit take and shot out my dentures n' fell outta me wheelchair when I read this!

I did hear Coach Lundsey was re-starting the River City Rhinos tho.