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I think I may have thrown this out there in the past years, but I am going to attempt again.

With new teams joining the IFL, (I have no idea who or how many) I really, really want to go back to North and South divisions, play everyone in your division twice type of thing, plus a couple of nondivision opponents.

I believe, having one to two nondivision preseason games per team scheduled by the IFL board as part as a team schedule would put the icing on top of the cake for the IFL.

I love our pro-bowl, that is one thing that sets the IFL apart from other leagues, but it also only pretains to a very low percentage of players.

Guaranteed, scheduled, ORGANIZED, predetermined preseason game or games would be just another way the IFL can set apart from other leagues and can make it more attracting to potential teams and/or players.

It can also give teams with deeper rosters a honest attempt to put 2nd and 3rd string players into game situations to see who could be a potential starter.

The preseason games we play now are scheduled at random times (if any at all for some teams), and always against someone in a different league. The problem I have with this is different leagues have different start times and teams are in different stages of preseason when the game is played. When you play a team out of your league, for natural reasons, you go "balls to the wall" due to you think you are representing "your league" in a game that doesn't mean a thing when your team is still "green" and at its worst. 2nd stringers do not stand a chance to prove theirselves because the team is so worried about winning.

I hate to bring this up, but the preseason game Bronco's @ Dragon's is a perfect example of this. Champion vs Champion, IFL vs MFL, that game was bullshit. That was NOT the Bronco's out there, that was NOT the Dragons out there, it was two teams with alot of rust and no timing, supposly representing champions and leagues and here to this day we still here about this pointless game.

Just wanted to throw a couple of ideas out there and I am NOT trying to bash any team or league. I am in no place to to judge on which team is better or who's league is best. I just want the IFL to be the IFL, and IFL only plays IFL. I do not care on how we compare to any other league or team, better or worst.


Re: preseason

Games like that should be played at the end of the year. Example: CRFL Champions SouthBend Stampede vs MFL Allen County Xplosion 2002
Stampede 13
Explosion 6
Later frazier 72

Re: preseason

I like that idea...preseason in our own league...and you are right the allstar game was awesome...i had so much fun...i think this year is going to be one of the funniest years i have ever played and i cant wait.