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Okay Kids, It's Time to Regain Some Composure

It's no mystery to anyone that the IFL and the MFL are the two leagues that are the most active on this messageboard. I think, most of the time anyway, that that is a good thing. The question is what kind of activity these squads are engaged in.

It's also undeniable that a lot of the crap on here this last week, while having caused a ridiculous upswing in traffic, is in many cases way out of bounds. Some IPs have been blocked, and more than a few posts have been deleted. Get a handle on yourselves, or I will scrub these threads.

This- unlike other messageboards- should be a place where all respectable voices are welcome. All opinions and all perspectives. Even those of you who think that Earl Parsons is the antichrist- even those that think he is a saint. And especially those who can articulate a nuanced, thoughtful critique. I am sorry that things have not turned out the way that many had hoped, but making anonymous ugly posts is NOT the way forward. Communicating your point of view in a way that others can understand and empathize is.

Let me try to articulate just such an careful argument with a historical example. The organizers of the early Civil Rights movement knew that if they wanted to achieve their goals, their behavior and indeed image must be beyond reproach. They chose the powerful strategy of non-violence to draw out and make plain the evil of their oppressors. They knew that if they were to engage in the same behavior as those who they opposed, the public to whom they were pleading would make no distinction between the activists and the violent, hateful hoards who sought to protect the segregationist order.

They knew that by responding in the same way as their oppressors, they acted to obscure the real injustice going on. In a way, responding to injustice with anything less than disciplined, coordinated non-violent reaction acted to hide the real injustice in the first place. When violence (or in this case nastiness) is the response to injustice, it allows the unjust to to hide their actions and paint themselves as the REAL victim. Sound familiar anyone?

In case I've lost some of you, let me be clear: if you think something is not right and someone has been wronged, the worst thing you can do is to commit another wrong yourself by making a personal attack or resorting to nastiness. Your ugly response to the ugliness allows the issue you hope to fix to be hidden, and even worse, allows the person(s) that wronged you to suggest to others that it is THEY who are the victims of injustice.

When teams leave one league and join another, there is going to be discussion. It's a good thing. Just keep it respectable or your ass will get zapped. Count on it.

Re: Okay Kids, It's Time to Regain Some Composure

I couldn't have worded it any better myself!!!