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Beloved Math

Can someone answer this????

If x*x + 2x - 35 = 0, then X = ?

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Perhaps this can help end your academic time early so that you can un-retire and return to the game.

be well.

Re: Beloved Math

man...even a dumb line man like me could figure that one out

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Ok now, there are actually two answers for this. You guys are correct that one of them is FIVE. However it is NEGATIVE FIVE, -5. The other answer is SEVEN. So...
X = -5,7. nice job though, Thanks for participating. I will have to post my mathmatical issues a little more!!

Re: Beloved Math

or it could be X = 5,-7 in that case you guys were right, just solved it in that manner. I dont know im confusing myself now. I am gonna go