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What was...

Well i thought i would throw this out here to get people back on the positive side of thinking.

Q - What is the best game you have seen or been apart of in semi pro football?
Maybe in the end supafan can give us his top five.

A - m.c.chiefs @ c.o. lions in the CRFL Playoffs.

A TRUE COL team that was undefeated and just crazy good was taken to the final minute of the game by a group of men that started the season 0-4 and had nothing going for them until Coach Dane Hill pulled us together and made us into a team. We (the chiefs)lost that game but none of us held our heads. On that night i fell in love with semi-pro football.

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Yes this was a good game, but last minute victory no. The final score was 42-18. The biggest difference between the regular season Chiefs this year and the playoff version....was the roster. Madison County made one last run at a championship and brought all the old Chiefs out of retirement at the end of the season....noteably Roosevelt Potts, Jason Goldsen and QB that his name slips my mind but was with MC for years.

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Once again, just the facts

The final score was 42 - 28. It was a good effort by the Chiefs but the game was not really ever in question.

In his final two seasons with the Chiefs, Jim Thompson first fulfilled his commitment in Europe... then finished out the season with the Chiefs. B.J.Paulus of the Rage played under similar circumstances with another team in Europe. Indeed, the COL featured CB/WR/KR Robert Redd who also had pre-CRFL-season activities with various NFL/Arena Clubs.

As far as my opinion on the ACTUAL subject matter of the poster, there are/were too many good games I have seen or been involved with to state any one as being "the best".

In my rookie season with the Chiefs alone, there were 4 very tight, competitive games that we played. 2 Games with the old Indianapolis Tornados which we lost 20 - 18 and 56 - 50; and another 2 with the old Morgan County Broncos. The first we lost I believe 19 - 18 and a 32 - 27 game we won down in the old park they used to play on. I would also have to mention the two Championship games versus the Broncos; several games versus the Rage that went into OT; the Pirate/Bronco game featuring the miraculous Bronco comeback win; a couple of games versus the old MVP (Miami Valley Panthers); and finally the 2001 "Mudbowl". Even with these, I have probably left a few out.

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i would have to say the cutters and dragons game i think that was a really good game... both teams came out giving there, but the bragons came out on top... good luck too all the teams this season

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With a lot of these games being tossed around, and hearing some of these more well known faces, I'm in curiosity of some of the Big names that have been involved with semi-Pro in these parts. Potts is obviousy a given, Not positive about this fact, but did not Reggie Wayne take part in ownership of the Hurricanes? I remember a photo that had the Edge at a hurricane practice I believe. Please enlighten us on this as this is good stuff! And please, nobody mention Toby Keith.

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Dragons 23 Pats 20 2006 MFL championship game. Two great teams played with every thing they had until the very end.

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nice guy.....thanks for keeping what football should be about in the first place and that is positivity! I think the best game I ever seen/played in would be the DRAGONS/BENGALS preseason game of 2007. Now the Bengals never got off the ground, but the talent was there. The Dragons had the lead before the Bengals last drive. I forget the score(to many shots to the head) but I remember if they scored they would win the game. I was playing DE and was tired, sore, and still morning the loss of Uncle Art. The Bengals drive seemed endless because the ball was being spreaded evenly and a lot of completions was taken out of bounds. It was 3nd and short and we stopped them. On the next play I get in for a sack for the over period. Great topic cool guy keep em coming!

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Good game.

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Evansville, Indiana

MLFA Regular Season
Evansville Vipers loss to NEMO Cyclones in OT


Evansville, Indiana
OVFL Regular Season
Evansville Vipers coming back from 20 down to beat the Hardin Co. Wolverines.

Honestly, I think the 2006 game was the greatest game I have ever been a part of.