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Whaa, Whaa

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This came to us from Dick Seuss of the Minor League Football News:

The Minor League Football News has announced that after a 6 week investigation into charges that the Carolina Knights used illegal players in it Class AA National Championship game win against the Adams County Patriots, it was found they did use players from other teams in their league, which is illegal. Therefore, the MLFN has forfeited the National Championship and awarded it to the Adams County Patriots.

Wayne Wolf, Adams County Patriots

What would happen if the M.F.L. did an investigation?

Re: Whaa, Whaa

We had 2 players join us, both were from different teams from other leaques.
Dennis Morris of the S.C. Broncos,
Frankie Littlejohn a former player for Coach Lee.
Both were identified and the MLFN was aware of these additions before we ever left for Florida.

So thank you for your concern

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Congrats to the Patriots. Goes to show when you do things right, you get the big prize. Good way to head into 2008. Good luck this year.

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Always the haters. lol Good job, Wayne. Those of us in the league know you guys worked your butts off to get where you are.

Re: Whaa, Whaa

Just one question.

Did Earl make a call for you guys?

Bitch & cry enough & I guess you will eventually get your way. Nice politicing on the message boards. How many phone calls did you make to get Mr. Seuss to listen?

Re: Whaa, Whaa

And its always the haters that hide behind screen names like this cat. I dont really see how it matters to him unless he's from the Knights doin a litlle cryin himself.

Re: Whaa, Whaa

Hey "Keep Cryin":

Your posts read like sour grapes. The Patriots won and did it the right way. You may have issues with the MFL, but those issues need not cast any negative light on the accomplishments of this great team. Their resume from 2007 speaks for itself, and that is why you've not heard them on this or any other board running their mouths as you do. I am sorry that you did not do as well against the Pats as you might have liked, and there is an appropriate forum and means by which to criticize the shortcomings of league business (as I've tried to make clear here)- but your attempt falls miserably short.

Congrats to Wayne and the boys- I saw this on the MFL board and knew that it would make it here eventually. I also knew that Wayne is not the kind of guy to go bragging so I figured it would not be coming from him.

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WoW maybe we should have taken this road when we the Central Ohio Lions played the Knights in Florida a couple of years ago. They dressed 70 plus on us and we seen them painting their helments before the game.

This like all tourney's is always trouble take this years Mid States Tourney, a team is let back in after being knocked out, wins 1 game and is called co chump without having a chumpionship game. All because they didnt want to travel. Now I'm all for loading up for tourney play. Take this years Shamrock team that got into the Midstates tourney, I had alot of good friends from Ohio/indy/mich join up with us because of players being injured/ lack of intrest or what ever it maybe. When teams seasons are over and every body wants to still play ball this happens. Thats why this is semi-pro......we love the game at all cost.

Your best bet is to win your league and enjoy your championship! (trust me they dont come cheap) The Pat's did this and won the MFL.(Even if we the Shamrock beat the hell and SH%$ out of the dragons for them.(Nothing like going into your next game with a black eye and sore as hell)
Maybe all teams that want to go to Florida and play for the National Championship will understand you must have a loaded team to play in the big game down there. Be aware there will always be other teams willing to load up to beat you. (I'm sure this is one of the reasons the Lima Warriors / Columbus Jets wanted to play in Ohio and not be cheated by all the crap that can go on in Florida)
Been there 2 times with The Central Ohio Lions and it was worth it both times. If you get a chance go, bring money for the booby bar!

Frazier 72 SouthBend Stampede 2002 CRFL Champions

Good Job Pat's
Don't let the Haters get you down>>>>>>

Re: Whaa, Whaa

hey all you fakers out there (dragons) get over it and move on.

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Dont forget the Cutters took it to the Pats, and we almost beat them, but they came out with a good play to win.

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Congrats to the the Pats. We lost to the National Champs.

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This is what is posted on the MLFN's website:

Wauwana, WA (February 27, 2008) - Minor League Football News has announced it has awarded the 2007 Class AA National Championship to the Adams County Patriots.

The Patriots were awarded the championship after losing to the Carolina Knights in the title game, in Homestead, Florida on January 13, 2008. Allegations that the Knights had used illegal players in the game was confirmed by Dick Suess, MLFN owner at the time, and has taken the championship away from the Knights and awarded it to the Patriots after a six week investigation.

"The Patriots deserve to be the National Champions. They played by the rules, while the Knights added players from their league to help them win on the field, which is against the rules, " Dick Suess said.

We played our hearts out. We should have won the game outright but the injurys added up. I just want so say congrats to the ADAMS COUNTY PATRIOTS!!!!!!

Dennis Morris

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i'm glad we have been named the national champs by default, but it still sucks that we didn't beat those guys. we should have, could have, but didn't.

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Take consolation in the fact that those guys had to cheat to beat you, and you still competed very well. But is still does not matter, you are the national champs. So where are you guys getting your rings from?

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I feel ya' Frazier....we scouted the Carolina Knights(driving all the way to Charlotte for their league championship game) before the 2004 National Championship game and were not impressed....however we were unaware that we were going to have to face a combination of both championship game numerous additions from the Nationally ranked Carolina Eagles in Florida. We still almost came away with the victory, much like the Patriots, but could not overcome the depth of 4 quality players at every position. Even the game MVP....RB...made the statement after the game that "I can't wait to get back to Carolina and show this to all my teammates!" It left a very bad taste in my mouth fighting all season to get to such a big game with so much importance to find that we were not even facing the opponent we were scheduled. As a matter of fact the Knights did not even field a team the next year as the "allstars" went back to their organizations and Knights players who started all year but were benched for the big game, refused to come back. But, if this is the way they want to operate it looks like it has all finally caught up with them. Congratulations to the Patriots for doing things the right way and being rewarded for it!

Brent Lewis
Former COL/Current Miami Valley Warrior
"We All We Got"

Re: Whaa, Whaa

I don't think the pats were crying about it, I think they have a right to be disgruntled that they were'nt given a fair game. You should not have to LOAD UP for a game. If you have made it to the "Big game" then you made it there for a reason, you made it there with the team you have. If you LOAD up a team then what are you doing to your teammates who helped you get there in the first place. I think it would be a sweeter feeling knowing you won with the same individuals instead of looking back and saying..." yeah it's a nice ring but we had to loadup to win it. That little "but" will then be carried around with that win forever. Greed out weighs certain glory in this loading scenario. Would you rather tell your kids that you and a group of men worked your asses off for that ring and pride, or would you rather tell them you didn't have enough faith in your guys so you loaded? I mean just separate the two, do you want a ring to just have one so people think your cool or do want it to actually mean something the right way? It's a symbol and every symbol has a story, guess what....YOU help write the story. Anyone who thinks the Pats are fully enjoying the turn of events should check yourselves. They got robbed of finishing thier book the right way. Even though they are considered N-Champs, it's still not going to be the same. I am happy for the Pats right now, I am happy that a group investigated and took a stance on this. This is GOOD for football.

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to fraizers post up a lil bit, your right man. i was playing linebacker having a battle all day with your fullback, he was the hardest hitter i saw all year and then when you brought your end in the game at fullback, we blew eachother up at the line. you boys were by far the hardest hitting team we faced all year. that was a crazy game. looking forward to it again this season. congrats to the pats on the national championship. wish it was us with that title.but hey at least we lost to the national champs right. hopefully you guys will give us the chance for redemption this season. i know we all want it as bad as you did this past season. good luck in the mfl this season, you guys should def repeat, hands down.

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Congratulations to the Patriots. I know it's not as sweet as winning it while you were in Florida, but you won the right way, and that should be commended. Good luck to you guys in the upcoming season!
Brian Clawson
Fort Wayne Freedom