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I am going to try and play for the Indiana Mustangs this year and I was checking out their website and found this post down below. One thing I don't understand is how the Patriots finished the 2007 season Undefeated and National Champs if they have a loss? I am new to this site so I might have missed something and I am not trying to get things started. This is a real question, can someone answer it please.


This practice game is our first step, and first real evaluation against a
quality opponet. We need to get a good look at all of our players, and
find out where we are as a team. "This game will count in the National
Rankings", so we need to make a good showing. My goal this Sunday
is to be competitive, and get better executing what we have learned
the last couple of months. It's game time Mustangs, be on time, and
start preparing for the game on Friday....

Coach Dee

Re: How

THis was another post that states this was a real game.
Directions to Adams County Patriots
1000 E. N. Adams Dr.
Decatur, IN 46733

Belmont High School
The game will be played on a practice field at Belmont HS in Decatur, IN. Decatur is located on SR-224 just off I-69 near Ft. Wayne. There are no restrooms or bleachers. If you have family coming to watch, they can watch the game for FREE (because we are splitting the cost of the referees) but they need to bring their own seating or blanket.

We are wearing practice jersey’s even though we are playing a real game; this is NOT a controlled scrimmage:

Re: How

Just checked the Pats site and got my what i was looking for never mind.