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I need a little info on the M.V. Warriors.
#1. what year did the warriors start up?
#2. How many championships did they win and lose?
#3. What leagues did they play in?

Thank you.


Mr. Reporter,
Thank you for your interest.
The Miami Valley Warriors was founded in 2005.
They were formally the Miami Valley Panthers. The Panthers owner Jim Weaver had to give up football for awhile to take care of his father and wanted to retire the name of the Panthers.
Coach Ross and Coach Agee gathered the players of the Panthers together and had a meeting and told what was going on and the team voted on the name of the Warriors. At that time many of the players had come from a hometown school named Wayne Warriors and they wanted to associate themselves again with the Warrior crowd and followers.
In 2005 the Miami Valley Warriors played in the Lake Shore Football League and were runners up that year against a very strong Michigan Steelers team.
In 2006, the Warriors were forced to switch leagues as the Lake Shore Football League folded ship and the Warriors signed with the USFA. In the USFA the Warriors struggled against mainy strong opponents like the Central Ohio Lions, and the Michigan Renegades to finish 6-3-1. In 2007 the Warriors again made a board decision to switch leagues for undisclosed reasons and joined forces in the Great Lakes Football League. The GLFL was a very talented league with great teams, and the competition was fierce. The Warriors finished out 10-0 in the South Division to become the South Division Champions, only to be knocked out in the 1st round of the playoffs by a very talented Michigan Gators team. The Warriors have always applied to the Interstate Football League since before changing names and were never accepted, but in 2008, the Interstate Football League accepted the Miami Valley Warriors and we are proud to annonce we feel as if we are back at home since the long days of the CRFL.
I hope this gives you what you needed to know, and I hope you follow the Miami Valley Warriors in 2008.
Thank you,
Coach Agee
Miami Valley Warriors
2005 LSFL Runner Up
2007 GLFL South Division Champions 10-0


Coach you hit it there!!!!
Frazier 72



You had a tailback in 2002 I think, that was in the KC Chiefs camp a while, he wore #10 with you and scored on your opeing drive when we played ya'll. He was a you know what became of him?



I haven't heard from Kevin Prosser in years. He moved to another state and was playing arena ball one year and then went back to a AAA semi-pro team in Washington for a bit and I tried to contact him through his coach but the coach thought I was trying to scout him for us and he wouldn't give me any info on Kevin. So I have no idea now what he is doing or how he is doing.
Thanks for asking though.
Coach Agee


coach agee i have only heard good things about your team i play in the ifl and i was wondering who you look forward to playing and why? but also how does the ifl compare to your other leagues as far as talent and strength of teams. also what do you know about the ifl do you have questions concerns etc??? well i hope to see your team and 08 its all i hae heard since feb. and also good luck hopefully noone will get hurt.



First off let me start by saying how excited myself, and the whole Warrior organization is by being accepted in the Interstate Football League.

As for what teams we look forward to the most to play against in this league, I would have to say I have no preference. The Warriors will prepare and play every game the same no matter what team we will be competing against in any given week.

The league and its member organizations is strong in all aspects. I think the competition level is and will be set at high standards. As for comparing the IFL with any other league that we have played in, I don't think its proper to comment about some issues. I will tell you that talent level in every league that we have been involved in and are going to be involved in this season is great. We have made a lot of good friends in all the leagues we have been affiliated with in the past. I think that every league has excellant leadership and I don't know of a league that isn't in this for the pure fact to give quality entertainment, and joy to the players.I have always believed that the league is only as good as its members, with that being said, I think the IFL should be a very strong league.

As for what I know about the IFL. I know the IFL was formerly the FFL, the CRFL, and currently the IFL. The Miami Valley Panthers were a part of the FFL, and the CRFL and when the birth of the IFL came into place with a lot of great thoughts coming in by many great people including the late John Bushman. The Panthers were not accepted into the IFL at that time, but we didn't lose hope, and we played under different leagues until we now under the name Miami Valley Warriors were accepted and feel we have finally finished one of our many goals and can call the IFL home for many years to come.

The things that make the Warriors a team that people hear about and want to be a part of is our leadership.
We have a board of trustees that work hard at every part of the organization. Including keeping the coaches in line LOL.
I may sound partial, and I am but I think I as the head coach of such a great organization am surrounded by the best coaching staff in semi-pro football. Our coaches go out of their way to accomodate myself, and the players. We have taken on a few new coaches this season to only make this organization and its players more knowleagable, and to be better athletes all the way around.
I feel I have one of the best recruiters in the country, and he works for minimum amounts, LOL. He takes a lot of time from his family, in which he just had a new addition to it, and he puts a lot of time in this organization just for the pure fact of the love of the game.

I also want to give credit to all the Warrior players from the past and all current players. The players do a lot of things that helps THEIR organization, including giving up some valuable family time.

I hear through the grapevine, that the Warriors will have a dance team this season that would make any pro team dancers envious. We will see.

But for now, I want to thank you Steve, for your interest in the Warrior organization, and I also want to thank all the Warrior organization volunteers for making the Warriors a team that people are proud of, and also for making my job much easier.

Coach Agee
Miami Valley Warriors
2005 LSFL Runner Up
2007 GLFL South Division Champions 10-0


well coach agee i wish you guys nothing but the best but in same breath i hope we beat you and as far as a dance team hopefully there will be some "pretty in the face chunky in the waist" for myself to oggle at. iluv them thick big fat chicks i know i have issues but anyway like i have stated i have heard nothing but good things so i will see you on the field of battl;e steveo


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