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Attention anyone over 200lbs

Im posting this to find some big guys interested training to prepare for the up coming season. My name is jimi sendo and i played for grant county for 4 years until i found MMA. When i started training in good shape for a big guy but i weighed 330lbs. In my first month i lost 30lbs and after almost a year ill be fighting on tv in columbus at 265lbs. it was the best thing i could have done for my health and knees. During my time playn football and fighting i realized a lot of big guys dont work out and condition because you wind up doing it with small guys. its tough to get in to shape when the people you work out with are all smaller and do stuff differently. At the new gym we just opened we are going to have a heavy hitters class
2 days a week. it will be all big guys and be geared for football conditioning. it wont be geared for fighting unless you are interested in it. the new dragons den gym in fort wayne is huge and is something you will be totally happy with if you join. it will make you a ton better football player and get you in alot better shape. anyone interested please email me