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An Opportunity Via the HBC

HBC made me aware of this opportunity to play overseas in a game this spring. I happen to know a couple of guys who have done this in the past and each of them would tell you that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you can get the money together and take the time off of work, I would strongly encourage you to give it a shot. And make sure to send pictures and details if you do.


Re: An Opportunity Via the HBC

It is well worth it. I played in Graz Austria. It was the time of my life. I would do it again if I could get the money together. Many many memorys. Playing infront 6'000 to 7'000 fans in Austria was great. I still have in my wallet. What a fan in Austria gave me. It was a 16 year old Starting to play American Rules Football and over there that get a photo ID that gives there name and team thay play for. I gave him a Team USA shirt after the game on my way to the locker room. He waited around and when I came out. He ran up to me and gave me his playing ID and told me that "This is my first year playing American Rules Football. I was going to keep this for myself. But I want you to have this." I told him no. That is something you got to keep. It is your first year playing and you need to keep it for your memorys. He told me "NO I want you to have it. You came all this way to play for us and you gave me your shirt it is traditon here if someone gives you something that you give them something back." The team we played treated us great. The team took us around of the city. Like I said many memorys and a great time. I would tell anyone that can go. Go and do it you will never forget it!!!!

Dennis Morris
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Re: An Opportunity Via the HBC

Thanks for posting up Supa. Excellent job by you as always.

Also, just for the record, I received this attachment and corresponding e-mail from James Stamper. I believe he is still associated with the Indiana (formerly Kokomo) Mustangs. If anyone has any questions, I would direct them his way as well as to the sources indicated in the attachment.