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A Friend was lost

Fella's, I have to appologize for putting this up here but I do not have contact info for everyone. Friend and former Longhorn QB Jason Mckibben recently passed away in Arizona. Jason was born and grew up in Arizona and then moved here. he played with the Longhorns for two seasons and then moved back to Arizona where he grew up. Unfortuneatly there are not a lot of details yet, I do know that there are plans for him to be brought back to Indiana. When I get details of funeral arrangements, I will post them as soon as I am told. My apologies again for those whom I was unable to contact. I know a lot of his former teammates do get on here so this was the only way I had to do this. If everyone could, please keep your thoughts and prayers for his family and those that knew him. Hemi

Re: A Friend was lost


AS soon as you find out more info please lets us all know. Wow, this is a total shock. We will greatly miss Jason. I only wish I would have been able to know him more when we were The Horns.

May the Lord bring peace to his family...

Mitchell Frantz
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Re: A Friend was lost

Fella's... The viewing will be tommarrow night from 6-8 P.M. in Goshen at Yoder Culp Funeral home. Please follow this link for information.