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Indiana Generals Jamboree

The Generals are planning a Jamboree for June 28th. We want 4 teams...right now we have three, and are looking for the final team. We want a team located near Central Indiana if possible, and a team NOT from the IFL. The three teams committed so far are the Generals, SC Broncos & Indiana Mustangs. The 4th team would play the Generals & Broncos.

The Generals will would NOT count on records obviously. Each participating team would play two HALVES of football...not just two QUARTERS. So you will be getting in an entire game.

If interested, please let us know.

Troy Edwards
Indiana Generals

Re: Indiana Generals Jamboree

see, now thats what i'm talking about!

Re: Indiana Generals Jamboree

Ah, Troy. Reminds me of the good old days of Concord vs. Wawasee in the 2nd quarter and Concord vs. Goshen in the 4th. Every friggin year like clockwork.

Can that REALLY have been 15 years ago? Jeez.

For those of you that did not play HS ball in Indiana or are super duper young, that is the way it used to be done- in Jamborees- before the first week of the season. We still had basketball without classes then too. Ah, the good old days.

Oh and Troy- while the wayback machine is on, I've got two words for you, brother: Soap Scrimmage!

Re: Indiana Generals Jamboree

Troy we are having a team meeting today, I am very interested but will have to run it buy the other guys, I will for sure get back to ya buy the end of the day.
P.S we are in for sure if we are gonna go back to the doghouse for some YAGERBOMBS after the game.

Re: Indiana Generals Jamboree

uuuhhh...that's BEFORE it starts!!

That's great. Just let us know.


Re: Indiana Generals Jamboree

Troy you can count us in, send one of us the full details when you get a chance.