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team info needed

Can anyone tell me if the Wabash Co Sting, Delaware Co Chargers, and/or Grant Co Scorpions have folded? Thank you in advance for your help, and best of luck to all for an injury-free 2008!

Re: team info needed

The Chargers are the only club that is not gone for certain, but my money is on the notion that they will be done too. Keep an eye on the MFL messageboard and you should find out more there.

Re: team info needed

The Delaware County Chargers have not been placed on the schedule for the 2008 season.

Re: team info needed

Thank you! As I have it right now, the 2008 teams based in Indiana are as follows...

Spring/Summer: (1 team)
Tri-State Titans Evansville MOFL

Summer/Fall: (21 teams)
Adams County Patriots Decatur MFL
Classic City Crush Waterloo IFL
East-Central Wolverines Hartford City MFL
Elkhart Shamrock Elkhart IFL
Indiana Cardinals Fort Wayne MFL
Indiana Cutters Bloomington IFL
Indiana Generals Danville IFL
Indiana Mustangs Noblesville MCFL
Indiana Titans Lakeville MSFL
Indiana Warriors Indianapolis NAFL
Indianapolis Torndos Carmel NAFL
Johnson County Fuel Indianapolis MFL
Kosciusko County Mustangs Warsaw IFL
Lake County Steelers Merrillville MSFL
Madison County Pirates MFL
Miami County Blitz Denver MFL
Noble County Longhorns IFL
Ohio River Bearcats MFL
Randolph County Riot Union City MFL
South-Central Broncos Indianapolis IFL
West-Central Wildcats Russellville MFL

...if anyone would help correct/update this list, it would be appreciated.



Re: team info needed

Minor error which we need to address on our website, but the Riot will be out of Winchester IN now

Re: team info needed

The Generals are based out of Indianapolis...Ben Davis.

Re: team info needed

the bearcats are from Evansville

Re: team info needed

Lafayette Lions MSFL Lafayette IN

Re: team info needed

Portage Rage - Lake Michigan Football League
Indiana Nightmare - Lake Michigan Football League

and a potential team is:

NW Indiana Hitmen - LMFL

Re: team info needed

Is that the same IN Nightmare that invited us to come play indoors (8-on-8) on 10May, then backed out due to unavailable facilities?

Are the Great Lakes Wolfpack still in existence? What happened to the Northwest Indiana Football League?
Is this a valid IL Seahawk schedule?

I apologize for not specifying, but this list is aimed at including only 11-on-11 (outdoor) teams. Thank you to everyone who is participating, I really appreciate it.

Re: team info needed

Yes it is... the facility OWNER didnt inform us of a kids soccer game on the 10th... so we HAVE to go around a schedule of someone who is already there....

We have May 17th and June 14th available ;)


Re: team info needed

The Gary Greatlakes Wolfpack are still a team. They are in the GMFL.

The Nightmare is an 11-11 team, they are just playing an indoor schedule first.