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Ron Real....President of AFA...has Cancer

Ronald J. Real, President of the American Football Association, was diagnosed with a form of incurable Lymphoma Cancer more than one year ago. He has been battling the disease with a series of Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments. After a brief period in remission at the end of the 2007, the cancer has advanced and has metastasized.

With the advice of his medical team, Ron has been removed from all Cancer Treatments. He has been released into Hospice Care in his Sarasota, FL home. Ron is receiving palliative radiation treatments to his brain, which will end April 15, 2008, and is being aided by the caring Hospice team.

Ron’s wife, Ceil, and their 7 children and 12 grandchildren ( all from the Chicago area) have been able to be with Ron at this time and have rented an additional condo at his residence. “It’s great to have the time to take a moment with each of my kids and share my thoughts and hopes for their futures”, said Ron. “I may not know what lies ahead, but it is wonderful to be able to fill this time with my family and friends.”

Not only is Ron the President of the American Football Association, he is also the President of the Lido Ambassador Condominium Association, where he resides. He is taking the time to finalize his affairs with these wonderful organizations and to ensure succession plans are in place.

If you would like to contact Ron, you can send him an email and his family will be glad to get it to him. His email address is

Re: Ron Real....President of AFA...has Cancer

That is rough news. Sorry to read this. Ron was one of the 1st AFA names I heard when I was 1st playing although I never met him.

Please keep updates on him. Thanks.