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HALO 3 any gamers?

Is there anyone who still plays halo3 online out there? I know its kind of old but I just bought a 360 and Halo 3 has made me one of its addicts! If there is anyone still playing and want to game on Saturday and Sunday hit me up.........GAMERTAG: thomasab

Re: HALO 3 any gamers?

Also......I am starting early this year to promote a Madden 2009 league exclusively for semi pro players, coaches, and fans. Please let me know if your interested. wE WILL NEED 32 TEAM OWNERS.

Re: HALO 3 any gamers?

hey thomas hit me up sometime./....


Re: HALO 3 any gamers?

For sure man! I will hit you up on the weekend...............I thank everbody for their positive feedback.